Why You Should Print Your Photos on a Large Canvas

large canvas prints

large canvas printsAre you offering large canvas prints in your photography business? If not, you’re missing out on a lucrative opportunity to grow your clientele.

Large canvas prints give you the perfect way to display your masterpieces and wow potential clients. If they like what they see, they’ll either want to hire you or buy from you.

Sure, you could always print samples on your printer at home, but the quality is rarely transferred in the process.

True, printed photos always look different than they do in digital form. Using a high-quality medium like canvas can give your final product the polished, professional look that will make your work shine.

If you’re not using large canvas prints in your photography business, here are five reasons why you should start today:

#1 – Large Canvas Prints Allows You to Expand Your Services

Do you offer photo printing services to your clients? If so, having large canvas options could provide another source of revenue for your business.

It doesn’t cost you much to add this service to your existing suite of print options. The only costs you incur would be adding the option to your order forms and website.

It’s a great way to scale your photography business without taking on additional overhead, including staff members or extra materials.

Check with your current photo printing service to see what options they provide for large canvas photos. If your provider doesn’t offer this service, you can easily partner with an online service that specialises in canvas prints.

#2 – Printing on Canvas Looks Professional

Using canvas to display your photos gives potential clients a better sense of your talent.

Printing on canvas isn’t something your clients can do on their home printer. It requires special materials and printing techniques that only a master photographer can deliver.

This uniqueness alone gives you a competitive advantage and builds your credibility as a professional photographer.

#3 – They Provide Unmatched Photo Quality

Have you ever seen a printed canvas that didn’t look high quality?

It’s not foolproof, but you’d be hard-pressed to find one that doesn’t look like it belongs on a wall.

This is because it takes a certain finesse and skill to create high-quality photos that look great in both large and small formats. A photo may look stunning as a 5×7 but can become pixelated when expanded into a 16×20″.

Large canvas prints act as proof that your photos look great no matter how your clients want to print them. It speaks to your abilities as a photographer and can help build trust between you and your clients. Browse Wall Art Australia to see what we can do.

#4 – You Can Print in Black and White or Full Colour

Just like traditional photo prints, you can print on canvas in black and white or full colour.

Most canvas printing is performed through offset printing. This method gives you some of the best features of printing, including full bleed and inkjet-based printing.

Using an ink-based printing method like offset printing gives your art the best chance of looking as good on canvas as it does on your screen.

#5 – Canvas Photos Make Great Wall Art

Because of their impeccable calibre and versatility, photos on canvas make great options for wall art.

Canvas prints mount well on any wall surface and don’t require a frame. Their 3D effect makes them stand out from the wall with artistic flair. This factor alone makes them a great alternative to posters, framed art, and other wall hangings.

Large canvas prints come in a variety of sizes and arrangements to help you fill any space. At Blue Horizon Prints, we offer canvas sizes up to 66×44 to give you no shortage of options.

In addition, canvas makes it easy to get creative with your prints. It’s not uncommon to find a single photograph that spans multiple canvas panels, like this five-panel diamond arrangement or this triptych wall art set.

In other words, you have almost infinite flexibility when placing your prints on canvas. Whether you’re ordering a canvas for a client or want to display your own samples, you’ll enjoy plenty of options to create the perfect look.

#6 – Canvas Prints Have Mass Appeal

Large canvas prints are highly desired by businesses and consumers alike. From family photos and weddings to local landmarks or cityscapes, you can create a high-calibre look for any space.

Canvas prints are commonly found in homes, offices, restaurants, hotels, schools, retail stores, and malls. Just about anything will look good printed on canvas, giving them mass appeal no matter your clientele or backdrop.

#7 – Canvas Prints are Long Lasting

If you’re storing your life’s work on a hard drive, there’s no guarantee your best photos will still be accessible in 10 or 20 years.

Printing your favourite pieces on canvas to ensure your photography will last for years to come. Whether you want to share your passion with others or simply want to enjoy the fruits of your labours on your own, you can secure your work on canvas and never worry your favourite shots will be lost to technology.

#8 – They Can Pass On Your Legacy

Whether digital or tangible, your photos will outlast you. When you print some of your work on canvas, you’re leaving behind a legacy that others will discover and enjoy.

You can print your work and display it, or carefully store it until it’s needed.

Canvas prints are easily passed from one generation to the next, with proper care. Some may end up with family members. Other might make their way into a museum or exhibition.

In either case, your photos can live on and keep your passion for photography alive.

In Closing

Large canvas prints give you infinite options to grow your business or your own personal brand. There’s never a right or wrong way, as long as you’re satisfied with the result.

If you want to see what your next masterpiece will look like as a wall-worthy piece of art, reach out to us today or visit our blog for more resources. Together, we’ll create a canvas print you’ll want to show everyone who walks into your studio.