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Getting your portrait done on canvas need not be frustrating or expensive. There is really no need to hire a painter and sitting for hours at a stretch to get a portrait done. With advanced canvas printing techniques available nowadays, a canvas print can be a fun filled and effortless experience. This is because the canvas printing methods can directly reproduce your portrait photograph on a canvas media, and that too at affordable prices. Add to this the photographic effects that you can add to your canvas by the photo editing tools and you will be surprised to see the stunning end results that has been created on the canvas.

wedding photo on canvas
wedding photo on canvas

However, before printing your photo to canvas make it sure that you are aware of the quality of the canvas used for the purpose and the type of ink used for the canvas printing. Canvases can be of two general types, a pure cotton canvas and a mix of polyester and cotton canvas. Both these types differ in the texture of the canvas art, so make sure that you decide on the canvas type before you proceed with the process. Pure cotton canvas art has a much more textured feel than a canvas of cotton and polyester that has a linen like feeling. Insist that the canvas printing ink used is UV resistant so that your portrait is protected from moisture and UV rays of the sun.

A great advantage of the canvas printing method is that you can add visual effects to the photographs before you transform them into canvas art.  here at blue Horizon printing we are happy to do this for you but if you are feeling creative here goes….Adobe Photoshop is the most common tool used for the purpose and so here are a few Photoshop tricks that can help you to transform your photograph to a masterpiece canvas art.

  • If you want an old painting effect on your canvas art, adjust the color values of your portrait to make it more subdued. Create a new image layer and make adjustments in the hue and saturation of the image (Ctrl +U). You may decide to reduce the saturation of the image and play with certain key colors in the image. Make adjustments in the tonal values until you get your desired result.
  • You can use the blur tool to soften down certain parts of the photograph and thereby highlighting the parts that need more attention. For instance, you can try to make the eyes more intense, by slightly softening the regions surrounding the eyes.
  • Adobe photoshop provides you a wide variety of filter options for your canvas art. Experiment with different filters until you get your desired effect.
  • You can also create a washed out effect. Add a new layer to your photograph and fill it with white. Rub the parts of the new layer with the eraser tool and adjust the opacity of the new layer to get the required effect.
  • You can also add the spotlight effect and the chiaroscuro effect to your canvas art print. For the chiaroscuro effect use the burn tool available to burn the areas of the image where you want the shadows to fall. For the lighting effect, play with the lighting effects filter under the render section.

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