Your Home Can Be More Interesting With The Right Art

When your home has a bad case of the blahs, it’s not necessary to pack up your bags and move to a new house or apartment – you can pep up the place with canvas prints from Blue Horizon.  We offer a wide range of canvas prints to enliven your living space with the best in canvas wall art.  Regardless of whether you want to supply your own photos for your art, or take your pick from out wide selection, canvas prints Sydney is the place to shop.

One of the brightest, freshest, and cheekiest artists today is Banksy.  His brilliant combination of the ordinary with the exceptional has made his guerilla stencil art famous worldwide.  Blue Horizon provides you with canvas prints representing the best of Banksy street art.  Putting a few of Bansky’s offbeat and topical prints on your wall will provide just the edge it needs.

The world has changed since artists such as Andy Warhol appeared on the scene, and pop art has now taken its place next to the old masters in terms of popularity.  Perhaps it’s the simpler, less involved images that contribute to its attraction, or the bright colors – whatever the reason, pop art canvas prints will enliven the darkest corner of the home.  We have adapted the style of Warhol, Guevara, and Mono for your personalise canvas prints.  You, your family, and your pets can all be transported from a simple photograph to sensational art.  A pop art canvas collage of the whole family is one of the best gifts for dad that you can find.

Those of us who experienced the 1960s and 1970s will never forget the psychedelic music and art that characterises this time period.  It was also one of the great times for poster art.  Blue Horizon Prints salutes this era with a full line of Rock Concert Posters  that will help bring those times back.  Just looking at a canvas art post of Jefferson Airplane will remind you of the soaring voice of Grace Slick and the excitement that accompanied every rock concert.   You need not be a ‘Golden Oldie’, however to appreciate the vibrant colors and beautiful designs of these posts, reproduced so faithfully by the artisans at Blue Horizon, today’s teens also love this art.

If you prefer a more unstructured approach to revitalizing wall art, we offer you our Abstract & Contemporary Art collection.  This canvas wall art is all about colour and form.  Pieces such as Burning Night or Electric Waves let you imagine your own story behind the art, and the premium inks, archival canvas, and advanced printing methods will assure you that your print will remain as dynamic in 50 years as it does when you first hang it on your wall.

Blue Horizon Prints makes it easy to order, too.  If you are using your own photographs for a pop art canvas collage, you need only follow the simple directions – choose your style, number of people, number of panels, upload your photograph(s), check your order, and head to checkout.  If you like, we will even choose your colours for you.  Within days, you’ll receive you canvas wall art, ready to be hung and add life and colour to your home.

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