Photography Basics: Hitting the Right Composition

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There is a famous saying for photographers, “shoot what feels good”. Every individual has his personal taste, but it is important to recognise some basic elements of photography that would appeal to larger audiences.

Understanding how to compose a photograph will enable you to develop more successful shots that can at least assurance a good photograph initially, if not a masterpiece.

manhattan canvas printHitting the Right Notes of a Good Picture:

Search online for the best pictures taken at the photography contests and learn from the winners. The images are filled with such intricate details captured by a mere camera that are even invisible to the naked eye.

Now think about how you take a picture and compare. Professionals make the use of best composition principles to present it at its best. You are not required to follow all the rules. Apply a few to put each element in its place and craft better images.

Tips to Improve Composition in Your Photos:

Good composition is the understanding of what is the most important aspect for your image and will therefore enhance your photographic work. To consider the composition of your work perfectly, here are some steps to follow:

Tip One: Identify the Object

When you get behind the camera, you need to keep in mind what is the point of interest in the frame. Images usually lack the element of interest. Therefore, when you compose your picture, figure out the viable subject.

Tip Two: Follow the Rule of Thirds

One of the simpler rules of composition in photography is to divide a frame into thirds, vertically and horizontally (so it parts into nine squares). This technique will work effectively especially if you are trying to bring out the best from landscape shot. The upper and lower horizontal lines can capture the portrait shot at its best.

Tip Three: Use of Back and Foregrounds

Another important subject matter of your photographs is how you are handling the backdrop and front views. A good background is one which will help to bring out the subject and a clean foreground will bring context to the image.

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Editing Can Help to Enhance Image Composition:

Most of the images that you take have plenty of compositional errors. You cannot always fix them with your camera. Photo editing tools are there to help you bring out a better image composition and correct the smallest errors.

Image clipping is a simple way to make your photo more captivating and ready for the viewers. Crop out the distracting objects from the images to make a bigger impact.

Avoid giving your subject the horrible horns, use colour correction and enhancement tools to smudge high-intensity backdrops.

Similarly, retouching is essential for most of the amateur shutterbugs bring out the tone of the image, as well as put more detail on the subjects. Creative touch up can help create a stronger image overall.

Lastly, with just a few simple rules you are on your way to capture the “wowing” factor in the clicks.

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