Pacific/Australia Centred Push Pin Maps

We’d like to introduce our customers to our wide range of Pacific/Australia centred push pin maps. Our collection of personalised maps are, as far as we know the largest collection in Australia and are becoming very popular with people who love to travel and let’s face it, many Australians love to take time to explore the rest of the world.

Most maps we have seen of the world are either Europe centred or North America centred. This can leave us feeling left out of the world scene. We think it is time for some Australian centred maps. All the world travels we take to begin and end at home, so we need a map that can show that clearly without pushing Australia off to one edge of the known world.

World map australia centric Framed Poster Art

We’re very proud of our available selection of Australia centric maps. We can provide you with maps in the colour and design choice you love. You’ll be thrilled with our product quality and finish and we deliver all our canvas ready to hang up on your wall.

To add to the value of our customised Australia centric push pin maps we offer many choices of words and sayings that can be printed onto the canvas with the map. Some people use these to put their family name on the map, or their favourite travel-related sayings. Other people use their travel date as a marker on their map and commemorate their journey that way.

These Travel Maps are available in a multitude of sizes and colour schemes and come in a wide range of distinct maps. The World Map Pin Boards are a wonderful gift to record your family’s or you and your partner’s journeys.

Our maps make a great bucket list gift as a 21st birthday present, so your blossoming adult can make plans for their future journeys, or a retirement gift for a known traveller who wants to map their past and future trips.

Finding the perfect map that fits the character, taste, and walls of your home or the home of your colleagues is really simple with all these choices! This can be a room’s centrepiece and a real point of conversation with family and friends.

You could even use them in your boardroom at your head office to track locations around the world where your goods or services are available, or where you plan to use your next sales pitch. This can become a great business-building tool for multi-continent expansion.

Our push pin Australian-centric maps have many versatile uses and make a wonderful gift also for your travel companions. It can also be a host gift for a tour group to thank your tour guide.

We print our canvas maps here in Australia so you can buy local and make your dollar count. We carefully hand manufacture your map and ship it directly from our store to you. We pride ourselves on the care we take with each individual order and the value for money we provide to all our happy customers. Please feel free to reach out to us for suggestions and advice on how to personalise your Australia-centric map.