Our Top 15 Gustav Klimt Paintings

Adele by Gustav Klimt

Gustav Klimt’s vivid paintings, rich with imagery, texture, symmetry, and beauty inspired a new generation in the art world. Between 1870-1900s, he pioneered an art movement that emphasized form, symmetry, and showcased works filled with passion. His paintings remain some of the most expensive to have ever sold at auction.

Modern Art Canvas Prints1.The Kiss 1907 – 1908

This painting is probably Klimt’s most famous. The couple embracing, melting into a beautiful golden background, is visually tantalizing and visceral. Klimt painted this in his Gold period, and the painting is featured on the Austrian 100 euro minted in 2003.

2. Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I 1907
Klimt painted two portraits of Adele Bloch-Bauer, who was the wife of one of Klimt’s supporters. The woman floating in a sea of stunning gold sold for $136 million in 2006.

3. Judith and the Head of Holofernes (Judith I) 1901

The mix of biblical story with realistic painting and art nouveau style embellishments make this painting one that paved his way on the art scene.

4.Hope II 1907-08Hope by Gustav Kilmt
The pregnant woman with a colourful shawl, with replicas of herself, is a powerful image capturing the circle of life, which is a recurring theme in his work.

5. Death and Life 1910
This allegory of life and death, with people in various states of emotional embrace and a skeleton looming nearby, remains one of Klimt’s most popular.

6. The Tree of Life 1905

Blooming, swirling, and glowing with gold, The Tree of Life is one of Klimt’s earlier works that represents the boldness and pervasiveness of life.

7. Nuda Veritas1899
Klimt combines traditional Roman imagery of an ethereal Venus with Roman letters and a biblical snake in a stunning painting that remains relevant today.

8. Birkenwald/Buchenwald

This pointillistic depiction of a beech forest almost looks alive. He was as equally inspired b nature as by the human form.

9. Avenue of Schloss Kammer Park, 1912
Rich in vibrant greens and thick paint brushes, this painting tells a story of afternoon walks and history. The path leads to a charming yellow house, and it is painted on a perfect square.

Adele by Gustav Klimt10. The Bride, 1918

This portrait shows a bride who’s head over heels in love, daydreaming about her beloved and with the symbolism of the swirl of activity of her wedding day. Like many of his works, it’s unfinished

11. Fulfilment 1905
Another painting showing a loving couple in an embrace, this work combines motifs from his other famous works into a painting that is unique and all together in his style.

12. The Sunflower 1907
This piece hearkens to Van Gogh’s work, and it is unique in its portrayal of a flower in an anthropomorphic way.

13. Malcesine on Lake Garda 1913
A beautiful image of a town on the water, this painting shows Klimt’s mastery of the landscape.

14. Beethoven Frieze 1902
Highly symbolic, filled with images of mythical looking women and an almost comical beast, it shows his obsession with the female form and how it hearkens to his animal nature.

15. Mother and Twins1895
Warm, moving, calming and beautiful, Mother and Twins shows a family in an intimate embrace