Vintage Movie Posters on canvas

We all have a favourite scene: Whether it’s Gregory Peck symbolizing the highest order of integrity and moral as Atticus Finch in “To Kill a Mockingbird,” or Steve McQueen’s stunning and suspenseful flight in the “Great Escape” or even Tony Curtis’ memorable drag performance in “Some Like It Hot,” memories from the silver screen make up a great part of our collective consciousness. Certain feelings are generated from certain art pieces, and Blue Horizon offers one of the largest collections of high quality canvas prints of all the films that have made us laugh, scream, cringe, and cheer.

 vintage movie poster on canvasColourful vintage art from Blue Horizon Prints commemorates some of the greatest classic films we have all grown to love. And With over 75 classic and contemporary films to choose from, you’re sure to find those perfect old movie posters to bring all of your fond memories from the big screen right to your home or office. Our vintage art can be printed on high quality stretched canvas, unstretched canvas, giclee prints (click here to see site) and can be ordered in one of several different sizes to ensure you are choosing the right sized canvas art for the right size wall or space.

With our vast collection of iconic movie posters  prints you’re sure to find the right piece to suit your style. Now you can decorate your personal space with the look and feel of old movie posters that adorned classic movie halls and theatre lobbies. Choose the perfect colours that complement your personal style and taste. Our canvas prints not only remind us of the films they commemorate but of the artwork and advertising that went into some of the largest productions from the entertainment industry.

Blue Horizon Print’s vintage movie posters celebrate award winners and cult favourites alike with vibrant and colourful treasures from the last 60 years of the silver screen. From classic westerns to crime dramas, science fiction to spy thrillers, Blue Horizon Prints brings you one of the largest and most eclectic collections of ready to hang vintage movie posters into one place. And if you can’t find your favourite film, you can always upload your own image or movie art so that you’re sure to decorate your space just the way you want. Ordering is easy, so contact Blue Horizon Prints today to get your high quality canvas art today.


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