Beautiful Hidden Micro World unveiled By Japanese Photographer Miki Asai

Japanese photographer Miki Asai is an incredibly talented macro photographer who accompanies ants as they explore a miniature world of stones, flowers and water – mostly within her own garden.

It all began when she got her macro lens and started taking photos in her garden. “As I was looking through the viewfinder, I noticed there were beautiful raindrops and a tiny ant walking through the frame,” Asai told 500px. “I might not have even seen it if I wasn’t using a macro lens. So I thought to myself—how can I shoot these things more beautifully?”

Asai, who lives on the northern Japanese island of Hokkaido, as opposed to controlling the ants in her photos. “I learned that when it comes to living things—if you want to achieve the shot that’s in your head—patience is really the only way,” she said. “I’ve been asked by others how I control ants, but humans shouldn’t be able to control them. You’ve got to use a tripod, an appropriate shutter speed and depth of field, then rely on your own passion and patience.”

To capture these amazing miniature moments, Miki uses the Canon EOS Kiss X5 and the Canon EF-S60mm F2.8 macro USM lens. To see more of her enchanting photos, be sure to check out her 500px account!

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Source Bored Panda, View Miki Asai’s original portfolio here.