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How to Master the Art of Canvas Photography

We all have a photographer inside all of you as well, but what does photography really mean? Clicking away at random pictures? Or mastering an art?

Finding the Perfect Tool

Experts and professional at photography use heavy lenses, and cameras which provide many features, but for a beginner, buying that kind of camera will not be as useful as the first steps towards photography, is learning what it actually is. Beginners should stay with the cameras which provide the features needed for good photography, but at the same time are not complicated. Experts and professionals use those cameras to start off as well; once they master it, they move on model, to model.

whitsunday islands canvasLights, Camera, & Action

Now that you know which camera would be more appropriate, it is time to learn about the role of lighting. You may not believe it, but lights have a very important role in photography, and are kind of like its backbone. Too would make the picture too bright, whereas not enough light can make the picture gloomy. This is why it is important to play around with different shades of light. Try every kind of lighting and accordingly, set the camera’s ISO to it for a better image quality.

There are 4 basic fundamentals related to photography and light, they are:

  • Exposure- Being able to control the amount of light captured in an image.
  • Quality- If you want the image to be ‘soft’ or ‘hard ‘ or even ‘warm’ or ‘cold’.
  • Direction- Position of the source of light and the object.
  • Shadows & Highlights- Highlighting the pin points of pictures exposed with shadows or light.


The focus of the camera on the image must be dynamic, which is why the correct settings, and the perfect focus is required. After you have fixed the setting of the camera, get the lens to focus on the object which you want to capture. Keep in mind the lighting of the surrounding area. If the shoot is outdoors, and it is a bit dark outside, the focus will not be as good; you will need to increase the ISO settings. On the other hand if it is too bright, you will need to reduce it to ensure the picture does not become too bright.

Shutter Effects

The speed of the shutter plays a very important role while taking a picture. The longer the shutter time is, the more focus ability the shutter has, thus the quality of the picture remains fabulous.

Canvas Images

A canvas print is the printing of your photo onto canvas to hang on the wall. Basically, the image you wish to turn into a canvas is enlarged and printed. If the photo is not taken properly with the proper settings, the pixels of a picture tend to look bad, thus ruining the picture. These days with android phone cameras getting better and better almost any photo can be printed on canvas as long you have a steady hand and use a professional service that can fix any image issues such as red eye.

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