Is it necessary to have an SLR camera to get into photography as a hobby?

Here is another of our photography q & a articles, we were recently asked… Is it necessary to have an SLR camera to get into photography as a hobby? This article / blog will hopefully shed some light on this question.

An individual does not require a DSLR in order to become a good photographer. The following are a few questions for you to ask yourself to  help you decide if you need a DSLR or not.

do i need a DSLR for photography1.) Do you need  flexibility?
Have a look at your current point-and-shoot camera and figure out the things you don’t like about it. In case your issues are generally about  visual elements, you want less complicated, or you would like to be a better photographer, then a DSLR most likely won’t fix your issues.
Having said that, if you’re trying to find versatility in camera settings as well as lenses, then a DSLR may be exactly what you’re searching for. A DSLR will allow you to capture instances normally difficult to do using a point-and-shoot – for example low light conditions (ISO), freezing a motion shot (shutter speed), or even creating depth-of-field (aperture).

2.Do you really have the money to spend?
Photography is not a low-cost hobby. A basic DSLR with kit lenses retails for around $1000, plus you need to consider the accessories you will need.  As a general rule, the better the camera, the more expensive the accessories will be.

4.Are you prepared to take care of your camera on a regular basis?
Compared with the point-and-shoot, a DSLR usually requires more than simply a good wipe to keep them thoroughly clean. Airborne dirt and dust can certainly enter into the image sensor each time you change the lens, leading to pictures with flaws. The DSLR usually needs regular care both from the outside as well as inside. Cleaning up the image sensor isn’t a D.I.Y project for rookies and it is generally performed by professionals at professional camera stores.

3. Is weight and size a concern?
A DSLR is not tiny or even light in weight which can easily hinder how along with what you would like to photograph. It may not end up being the perfect camera to use when you are on  a vacation, or at a birthday party . Should you just want to grab your DSLR for special events, it in all probability won’t turn out to be really worth it. Just buy one in the event that you’re genuinely serious about professional results to everyday items, environment and individuals.

5. Are you determined to educate yourself about photography?
Buying a DSLR doesn’t instantly turn you into a greater photographer. Your pictures may be more clear and sharper, however that doesn’t necessarily indicate that they are good. Becoming a great photographer {means|suggests} a continuing learning curve. From the fundamentals associated with lighting effects and composition to improving oneself with picture editing applications. Fortunately, you will find a good amount of totally free sources on the internet.

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