Introducing SHiRLeY MacARTHuR

Blooming By SHiRLeY MacARTHuR Prints

Introducing Shirley MacArthur an artist hailing from North Berwick in Scotland with a passion for animals, specifically Hairy Highland Cows.

Blooming Framed Canvas Art Prints By SHiRLeY MacARTHuRWe can say, hand on heart, that we have fallen in love with this artist and everything she creates. Shirley’s work is enchanting! Packed full of charm and personality, every single piece produced is heart-meltingly sweet.

In her own words, Shirley has set out to make people happy with her vibrant and delightful animals, she has a desire to bring a happy feeling into every home fortunate enough to own one of her charming prints.

Shirley MacArthur is a self-taught artist who spends most of her time creating these cheeky and curious characters. Her real love is painting Highland cows, each one injected with its own character and personality.  You will see a plethora of these stylized stunning animals on Blue Horizon Prints. Some are colours you may expect from a Highland cow, some are almost psychedelic but every single one is gorgeous and would look amazing gracing any wall in any home.

Shirley MacArthur Painting Prints Australia

Best Buddies Great Gift Ideas AustraliaYou may find that some of Shirley’s work really lends itself to a child’s nursery or bedroom, for instance, take a look at Sugar Lump, this captivating cow would look so sweet, peeking around the corner of a child’s bedroom, or perhaps you are more of a horse person, you may prefer Ginger Nut, a curious, happy horse with a quirky feel.Shirley’s prints are certainly not all destined for confinement in a child’s room, there is something for everyone, a spellbinding animal to grace anyone’s walls, these prints really would make a perfect gift! Take Benny, for instance, the Happy Giraffe who couldn’t fail to put a smile on someone’s face.

So successful is this artist now that her work has a global following, her Highland Hairy Cows, Nosey Cows, Nosey Dogs and Happy Horses are being sold all over the world, but you don’t need to leave your front room, we have everything you need just one click away and when your print arrives neatly packaged swiftly after you have clicked that button, it will be instantly ready to hang!

We like to think of our work with Shirley as a partnership, Shirley is the mastermind behind the masterpieces but for our part, we ensure that none of the wonderful colour that this talented artist has injected is lost in print. We have sourced inks that give a high definition finish with a quality of depth and sharpness that is second to none. We use archival grade canvas to ensure that the colour lasts a lifetime.

With Christmas around the corner, now is the time to buy the perfect present and we feel, with Shirley’s help, we can help you nail it this year! Imagine how you would feel opening such a unique and thoughtful gift on Christmas Day……feels good right? Then give that feeling to someone you love. The gift of art just keeps giving so get it right this year with a SHiRLeY MacARTHuR print from Blue Horizon Prints.