Introducing the Art by Patsy Ducklow

Introducing the Art by Patsy Ducklow

Modern and contemporary artist Patsy Ducklow was born in Britain but has lived in Colorado for over twenty years now.  It is from her surroundings in Colorado that she takes inspiration for her work, if you look at the Woodland Critters collection you will see how evident this is, most of Patsy’s inspiration comes from nature and the wildlife on her doorstep.

Teddy The Pomeranian Canvas Wall Art Online
From a young age Patsy exhibited serious talent with her artwork, working with acrylic and inks self-taught Patsy was well able to capture the personality of the animal she was painting, this is what makes her artwork so special and it was this talent that led her family to nurture Patsy’s obvious skill, Patsy went from painting and drawing at the kitchen table as a hobby to having her own studio where she could lose herself in her artwork and produce more work that further enabled her career to flourish.

This Is not the only career Patsy Ducklow has though, Patsy is also an advanced practice nurse, perhaps this caring nature that is apparent in everything Patsy does is why she connects so well with people and animals alike.
Patsy loves painting dogs, you will see that looking at the wide range of artwork on our website, she has painted Labradors, Pugs, Bulldogs, Alsatians, and Collies to name but a few. Growing up two of Patsy’s first loves and inspirations were the family pets Moose and Xena, you can find both of these beautiful dogs captured for eternity in canvas on our website.

Having talked a bit about Patsy why don’t I tell you my top five favourite artworks by this talented artist and why they feature amongst my favourites.

So, in reverse order here are my all time favourite Patsy Ducklow’s paintings, all of which can be purchased in print through on our site.

Baby Goat Patsy Ducklow ArtBaby Goat – this goat is just perfect, who doesn’t love a baby goat? This sweet little kid has just got the perfect markings so lovingly brought to life on the canvas, he looks to me like he has not long been walking and is still finding his feet, I like this one because it’s just so charming, what’s not to like? Patsy Ducklow’s extraordinary talent is so visible in this artwork with all of the detail and that look in the little goat’s eye.


Teddy – This little Pomeranian fills up the whole canvas with his lion’s mane of fur, I like the look in his eye and like to imagine he has got his eye very much on some sort of treat held just in front of him. This image is on my list of favourites as I enjoy the colour and the way the artist has filled the canvas with the dog and his character.


Whitetailed Deer painting Art PrintWhite-tailed Deer I from the Woodland Critter Collection – the whole of the woodland creature collection is a particular favorite of mine, perhaps this is due to me being a country girl at heart and growing up often spotting a deer in the hedge or undergrowth, this artwork depicts for me the moment the deer hears something, he lifts his head and listens for a moment before he scarpers into the woods.


Holly the Chicken from the Farm Crew Collection – I can see a trend here and I apologise but I did say these were my own personal favourites, so this painting is again nostalgic for personal reasons, for those of you who have ever owned chickens I know you will understand, they are feisty and charismatic creatures with very much a mind of their own and this is exactly what the artist has caught in Holly’s rambunctious face! I love it.

Sparta II Dog Wall Art Painting Print


So my favourite Patsy Ducklow painting is:

  • Sparta II – now this is solely due to personal preference but I know with the Labrador being such a popular breed that I will not be on my own with this one, having been the proud owner of a Labrador I can’t help but love this image, what Patsy does is so powerful, she is able to really capture the character and personality of everything she paints and this charming lab is no different, the nose and the eyes are just spot on and remind me of everything I loved about my Lab and all dogs. A worthy number one as far as I am concerned.


If you haven’t already done so then I recommend you have a look at all of Patsy Ducklow’s work on the website, there is something to suit every animal lover and I believe, like me, you won’t fail to fall for the honest and alluring images that Patsy is able to produce.

About the Author

So having told you a little about the wonder that is Patsy Ducklow perhaps I should part with some facts about myself.

Well, as I mentioned in the article I wrote, I am a country girl at heart, having lived in the English countryside for over half of my life I would never choose to move back to the hustle and bustle of the city, in fact, I go out of my way to avoid that hustle and bustle, the pace of the countryside and its folk seems to suit me.

My idea of a perfect day? Easy (and cheap) it would involve myself, my partner and our dog Rosie; a perfectly imperfect scruffy little Lhasapoo with more character than I could fit on a page, we would pack a small picnic – food is another love of my life, along with art, animals and my wonderful family – and walk straight out of the front door into the heart of the Norfolk countryside and off we would go, our little slice of heaven, I sometimes feel as though I am permanently on holiday being so lucky to live in such a stunning place.

My love of art is inherited from my father who is an unbelievably talented painter although he would never describe his talent that way, there is nothing I won’t try, needle felting, rag rugging, beadwork, crochet and of course painting and drawing, I have a huge appreciation for all art and have been particularly drawn to the likes of Patsy Ducklow because of the wonderful paintings depicting dogs and wildlife that she produces and that character and personality she is able to capture in all of her work.

So there you go, me in a nutshell, a slight bias towards the beautiful British countryside version of me but it’s my biography ……….



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