Information about canvas prints

A canvas print adds a customised, personal touch to a photo print. Moreover, much of the charm of a canvas print rests in the material of the print, a heavy duty, plain-woven cotton fabric that lends a distinct texture to the photo print. Many canvas art owners refer to their canvas material as a treasured family heirloom, or a gift that will last for generations, thereby alluding to the longevity and the compactness of the photos on canvas. The technology and attention to quality behind a canvas print is the key factor responsible for producing such high quality canvas art prints.

The first step of a canvas print starts is the process of digitally retouching a photo print. The digital retouching is necessary so that the photos looks as good as it can on canvas. For example, if there is a dark, gloomy background, it is digitally enhanced to bring out the coloursr so that the print suits well on canvas. Advanced photo cropping and other techniques are also applied to ensure the suitability of the print on the photo canvas.

This is followed by producing the canvas print using UV protected inks that are not solvent. These UV protected inks are the same archival inks that are used in museums. These inks are necessary so that the print on canvas acquires color fastness and retain their vibrant hue for a long period of time. The canvas ink used is as much necessary as the printer used in the process. Only the most sophisticated printing technology is used by the printer company to ensure the quality of the canvas print.

These steps, if properly followed will ensure a long lasting and durable piece of canvas art. Finally, one last treatment is done to ensure the longevity of the print on canvas. Multiple coats of additional UV protection spray are added to the prints to ensure that they live for a long life. The UV protection spray protects the print on canvas from moisture, sunlight and making the prints abrasion resistant.


The print on canvas requires certain maintenance to ensure that the prints last a lifetime. Following a few simple suggestions such as providing the canvas print with adequate environment is enough to ensure that the print on canvas passes down through generations. Here are a few simple suggestions to ensure the longevity of the canvas print.

1. The first step is to avoid the direct contact with moisture. As mentioned above, the print on canvas is sprayed with a laminate to ensure its protection from moisture. However, this is not the same as being water resistant. Prolonged exposure to moisture will eventually cause the print to fade. The canvas art should not be placed in high humidity areas to avoid the prolonged exposure to moisture.

2.The canvas print should be protected from direct exposure to sunlight. Despite the quality UV protective spray, dDirect exposure to intense sunlight for a long period of time will undeniably cause the print to fade. The canvas print therefore should ideally be hung in a dry and shady area.

3. Make sure that while touching the canvas print, the hands are clean and dry.

Occasionally dust the canvas print with a soft brush to ensure that particles of dust do not settle on the canvas print.

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