Ideal World Class Art Destinations for Art Lovers to Visit

People travel around the world for adventure, shopping, enjoy food, sightseeing, beaches, or look at some vibrant art scenes. Let’s check out some vibrant art scenes spread around the world in the form of stunning public sculptures or as escalating street art spectacle or at renowned art galleries.


Paris is Mecca for art lovers with more than one thousand galleries found across the city. Everything between iconic ‘The Louvre’ to veteran current gallery ‘Galerie Daniel Templon’ to newcomers ‘Modus Art Gallery’ to vivacious street art in Belleville neighbourhood. This city of light displays art in its every corner.

New York City

Manhattan is popular amongst art lovers because of MoMA, Guggenheim Museum, and Chelsea art gallery. Visit Bushwick neighbourhood in Brooklyn for street art as well as contemporary galleries displaying emerging talents. Even check out the Queens Museum and the Socrates Sculpture Garden.

Storm King Art Centre situated in Hudson Valley is an open-air sculpture park displaying monumental artworks from acclaimed artists.Utah’s Spiral Jetty

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Utah’s Spiral Jetty is an original testimony to humanity’s score on the environment. Spiral Jetty is earthwork sculpture built on the Great Salt Lake using salt crystals, basalt rocks and mid. It is 1,500 feet long and 15 feet wide counterclockwise coil extending from the lake shore.

Amarillo, Texas

In 1974, Cadillac Ranch got created by an art group called ‘Ant Farm’ in Amerillo, Texas. Old, used, and junk Cadillacs, were half buried in the ground nose-first at an angle purportedly corresponding to Egypt’s great Giza pyramid. These Cadillac’s are totally covered in graffiti and spray paint.

Vatican City

Sistine Chapel is popular for its Renaissance artwork, especially the ceiling painted by Michelangelo. It depicts 9 scenes from Genesis and the famed Last Judgement. The chapel houses priceless works including murals by Domenico Ghirlandaio and Sandro Botticelli.

TokyoThe Hay Wain and Sunflowers

The Art scene is edgy in Tokyo. It is scattered across bathhouses in city, skyscrapers, and backstreets. ‘SCAI The Bathhouse’ is two centuries old gallery renovated into a white wall art space. Hara Museum, Taka Ishii gallery, Mori Art Museum, Mizuma art gallery, Watari museum, Arataniurano, Take Ninagawa, Misako & Rosan, Complex 665, etc are worth the trek across the metropolis.


Whatever kind of art you adore, classic, contemporary, modern or street art – a tour to London is a suitable option. Visit the National Gallery to look at the iconic artworks, like ‘The Hay Wain and Sunflowers’. Stop at Tate Modern to see international modern art similar to Picasso, Warhol, and Hockney. Never miss the Saatchi Gallery for avant-garde contemporary works. Less formal art lovers can visit Shoreditch, a street art Mecca.


Most varied artworks can be seen in Berlin’s long-standing institutions like Gemäldegalerie and Alte Nationalgalerie. It takes pride in displaying classic masterpieces from 13th to 19th centuries. Neue Nationalgalerie is recently established displaying the 20th century’s modern art collection.  East Side Gallery displays artwork from more than 100 international artists on a 1.3 km part of Berlin Wall.

The list of museums, galleries or world-class art destinations is unending.

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