How to recognise a quality canvas print

In simple language, a canvas is a plain-woven fabric, which due to its highly durable quality was primarily used for making marquees, backpacks, tents, sails and other items which required durability. However, with the growing popularity and demand for print photos on canvas, the same fabric was used to create stock and personalised photo canvas prints.

It was somewhere in the 14th century that canvas became a common medium for painting using oil paints. This was the time when they replaced the traditional wooden panels and started their journey from Italy.

Until now we learnt about the evolution of canvas prints and their journey to the modern age. Believing that things till now made things clear, let us now learn the way canvas prints are printed.

Once your photo canvas gets print-ready, it is stretched around a wooden panel/stretcher bars, which are usually made from pine. The wrapped canvases are stretched and underpinned/glued for added strength.

What’s the big deal with canvas prints anyway? Why are they so popular? You have to remember that 15 or 20 years ago, this sort of technology just didn’t exist. People bought 6×4 photos from their local chemist and if they ever had a framed photo print, odds are it was sold to them by a photographer following a formal sitting.

In the 1990s wide-format digital printing arrived and all of a sudden it was possible to print professional-grade photos from a computer. Meanwhile, there was a trend for contemporary interiors, open plan living and a more casual style in our homes which tended to suit the look of a canvas print. The final piece in the jigsaw came with advances in digital camera technology – the first point and click cameras, then digital SLRs and finally the incredible power and convenience of mobile phone cameras.

Canvas prints suited digital printing so well because they could be made relatively cheaply, they were easy to ship and if made correctly, canvas prints looked beautiful in the modern, contemporary home. The tactile nature of the canvas was a lovely change from the formal nature of framed prints behind glass – it’s lovely to be able to touch the canvas and feel the weave in the print. So, of course, the quality of the print and the canvas used is very important to the overall look.

With the rise of e-commerce, canvas prints were the ideal product to order on-line and ship anywhere (size and weight permitting) and we set a goal to become the best canvas print store in Australia. We focus extensively on the quality of the materials we use and the end result to please all our customers.

Canvas Artwork Quality Noosa

Some of the key items to consider when choosing a stretched canvas print, and the indicators of quality canvas prints are:

Image Quality. Because great photos make great canvas prints.

Hands down, no arguments – this is the single most important factor in determining whether you get a great canvas print – or any other type of print for that matter. And it’s hardly rocket science, right? If your image is not of sufficient resolution – it really doesn’t matter how good the canvas print company is because it just can’t be printed. See this blog for how big you print the images.

When it comes to printing on canvas, we recommend using a digital photo of at least 250 KB, but the larger the photo, the better the result. If you’re heading out with your camera and want to take a picture for a new canvas, set your camera to the highest possible resolution.

You might find that the file size of photos taken on your phone is too small, especially if it’s a picture you’ve been sent through an app or Facebook. If your photo isn’t quite large enough for a canvas, why not try making a collage canvas?

We’d rather refund an order than print a poor quality image. And we do that all the time. But often we don’t have to cancel the order – we can just ask a ton of questions about how the customer took the photo or how it was sent to them and then we can locate the high-resolution version of the file. That requires an effort and level of service that some of the big companies won’t or can’t provide because they are so automated. We’re still small enough to care but big enough to be able to refund an order rather than just take the money!

When it comes to image quality and resolution, it is possible to draw up some general guidelines. For example, Facebook photos are generally only suitable for very small canvas prints – or bigger canvas prints if they are part of a collage. Likewise, Instagram photos suit smaller canvas prints – up to 50x50cm.

If a photo is on your phone generally it’s just too small and low resolution to make a great canvas print from it! The safest route with a small image is to e-mail it to us first and ask our advice on whether it’s going to be a good fit for the canvas size you want. We are always happy to be asked, “Can I print this photo and what size would you suggest?”.

Canvas type

We print on 100% cotton 390gsm canvas. We only use the best quality canvas with our canvases being carefully selected and imported to provide the best surface for our prints. The 100% cotton canvas is of the very highest quality and made to last. This is an archival-quality canvas

Inks used to print

To get the best results you need to use the best tools. This is particularly important when it comes to selecting a printer and inks. We use the best quality of Epson printers. We always use genuine Epson Ultrachrome pigment inks. These are considered by many to be the best in the marketplace and the proof is in the pudding when you see the strong, vibrant colours that leap off of the canvas.

At Blue Horizon Prints we use premium quality, UV resistant inks and the highest grade 100% cotton canvas to make sure our Canvas Prints Photos & framed prints online pictures are the best in the market, all printed on market-leading Epson wide-format printing technology. If you are unsure about how to have your photo printed onto canvas pictures or have any questions please don’t hesitate in contacting us, we are always happy to help, we can be contacted by phone, email, contact form or our new live help. Our goal is to make the words Canvas Prints Australia synonymous with Blue Horizon Prints.