How To Design A Cool Startup Office in 2019

What do you think defines a cool startup office in 2019?

Start-ups are increasingly embracingextras like nap rooms, free snacks and dry cleaning.

Even better, their office interior design is impressive.

Nowadays, most companies are breaking the traditional ways and looking for spaces that promote innovativeness. Therefore, if you are looking for ways to make your business successful, you need to consider the importance of office design.

Placing rows of tables can provide flexible workstations available for easy communication. Even better, it will remove the need for using assigned desks. Such a design creates a huge symmetry with proper placement of tables creating a huge sense of sophistication.

With more and more ways to launch an online business, here are some amazing designs you should consider.

1.      Modern Meeting Room Design

Add a few splashes of yellow to bring out radiant energy in the conference room. Even better, you can create a striking visual effect without any distractions by adding Eames chairs on one side of the table. It’s not over-the-top but a rather streamlined look for a start-up.

2.      Mid Century Style Office Design

Mid-century furniture always creates a stylish common space in any start-up. When you are looking to decorating the office space, you should opt for these timeless furnishings. Keep in mind that using modern and trendy furniture might wear out soon and you will be forced to update the office sooner which can be quite costly.

3.      Elegant Reception Area

Add a soothing and bold accent wall in your reception area to create a very polished first impression. Even better, you can add sumptuous seating and symmetrical gallery wall for the best results. The accent wall should have an unexpected hue as well as luxurious furnishings, similar to those used in the formal areas in any private home.

4.      Contemporary Meeting Space

At any start-up the cafeteria space can be used both as a meeting place or an events’ venue. According to the carpentryexperts from DC Cladding, you can “use an alternating graphic carpet to introduce some sense of play and unexpected colour choices. On the other hand, you can add some raw, unfinished wood to bring out a touch of natural and organic when paired with moody concrete columns.”

5.      Colourful Reception Area

Comfortable sofas and a wall-sized quote are the perfect wayto welcome visitors into your start-up. Even better, it represents your company’s brand effortlessly. If there is a small space, you can take advantage of it by adding full-scale furnishings rather than choosing the smaller options. Note that, the latter would leave your visitors feeling uninspired and unrelaxed when they visit your office.

6.      Displaying Artwork

Displaying artwork in the office can improve employee performance, physical well-being and overall performance. It’s also a great way to promote bonds between the employees and prospective clients. Many research studies have identified how installing artwork can improve employee achievement and experience. Actually, it’s a great way to communicate to the clients. Make sure you choose the right art for your office to enjoy these and many more benefits.

7.      Industrial Commercial Office Design

You can also choose an industrial office design for your start-up, especiallyif it is a nod to the architecture of the entire building. According to Max Funding’s short-term finance experts, choosing an industrial space can also be a money saver. They explain “industrial properties may be further away from city centres. While city centres were traditionally ideal locations, as more startups look to embrace industrial commercial design and look to cut costs on major overheads, more and more startups are seeking short-term finance to get started in areas that work for them.”

Industrial commercial spacesbrings out a masculine spirit and you can add oversized circular chandeliers to create some glamour. Don’t forget about polished concrete floors that create a subtle sheen. Finding the right balance of symmetry is the best way to create a well-coordinated office space for any start-up, regardless of its size.

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