How to Clean and Maintain Your Canvas Print

Canvas prints are used by people to conserve their most valued photographs, so that they last forever. However, with time, even the most striking and sturdy looking canvases can lose their sheen and become a bit dull due to the harmful effects of dirt, moisture, water stains and other everyday wear and tear.

While a quality canvas print can last up to 75 years it is highly recommended that you clean your canvas print frequently to keep them in good shape, with some TLC you can help keep your canvas print looking as vibrant and striking as they day you bought it.

There are a few easy to use and tested techniques that will clean the print without damaging the canvas and keep it looking like spanking new, always!

Mentioned below are a few ways to maintain and clean your canvas print.

  1. Canvas prints are generally water resistant but too much exposure to wetness can still ruin a print. If water spills over a canvas, dab it immediately with a soft, dry cloth before the water is absorbed.
  2. Remember, sunlight may be good for plants, but it is not the case with a canvas print, direct exposure to sunlight for long durations of time can cause irreparable damage. Therefore, wherever possible try to avoid placing your canvas print at a place that receives direct sunlight for several hours in a day. The ink is UV resistant so will largely be able to resist the harmful effects however over time you may see some fading.
  3. The canvas is made from materials that can get damaged by too much heat or dampness. It is thus recommended that you do not hang your canvas print where there is constant change in temperature and humidity such as directly above a stove or inside a poorly aired bathroom.
  4. Acid is another factor that can turn the valuable canvas yellow and eventually destroy the entire picture. To avoid the dangerous effects of acid, it is suggested that you use an acid free frame. Ask your canvas print provider whether the frame is acid free, cheaper frames are more abundant than you think.
  5. To clean a canvas print, simply remove it from the wall and begin by tapping it gently to remove any accumulated loose dirt. Thereafter, take a soft cloth and rub it gently over the surface of the canvas while supporting it from the back to clean away the settled dust particles. Be sure not to apply too much pressure. You can also use a slightly damp cloth to wipe away dirt stains that may have developed on the surface over a period of time. Doing this at regular intervals will make sure that your canvas print retains its original luster and splendor.

Following these tips and tricks diligently will ensure that your canvas prints remain as good as new and last for a lifetime.

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