How to Hang a Canvas Prints on your wall

We’ve decided to write a helpful guide on How to Hang a Canvas Print on your wall.

We all love photographs. Every household loves photographs. We take photographs of our family members, we take photographs of ourselves, we take photographs of friends and colleagues, and we take photographs to commemorate different occasions. Photographs have long since been a decorative item at our homes and offices. We depend on photographs to aid to our memory of different occasions and to our connection with different people in our lives. When we reprint the photos on canvas, we manifold magnify this appeal of the photographs.

Moreover, the advanced camera techniques of our times have made the photographic experience even more sublime.

Vibrant images

A canvas is traditionally associated with a painting. When we print digital photos on canvas, we imbue the qualities of a painting to the photographs. The digital photo canvas combines the elements of classical painting with contemporary digital photography and as a result, a stunning effect is created.

When digital photography is transformed to canvas art, the texture of the canvas adds a traditional depth to the photographs and the photographs become even more expressive. The aesthetic appeal of the photographs also get highlighted even more by the canvas printing method.

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The reproductions of photos on canvas are high on the elegance parameter. Canvas creates a traditional charm and a classical appeal that is difficult to miss. It creates the impression of an original oil painting. The fine craftsmanship and the grandiose feeling of a canvas print makes it a thoughtful experience in the minds of the onlooker.

If you are an art lover, you can also print reproductions of famous artworks on a canvas and give your house or office a vintage feel. The grand elegance of the creations of classical masters is expressed adequately in such canvas art prints.

The process

There has been considerable advancement in modern printing technologies, with the introduction of high quality inkjet printing methods. Printing machines nowadays can directly reproduce photos on canvas from digital cameras or from camera memory cards. The printing methods like dye saturation techniques has made it certain that the prints fuse with the canvas substrate vividly without distorting the color balance of the photographs.

The higher qualities of the digital cameras used nowadays and the different photo editing tools have made the process even more perfect. With these photo-editing tools, any flaw in the photographs can be adequately rectified before they are put up for canvas printing. Furthermore, the photo editing tools are also used to add effects to the photographs. In fact, the advanced photographic mediums have allowed a greater scope of experimentation with the photographs and thereby making the photo to canvas experience a much more creative one.

After the wall art has been done, the photo is coated with a UV resistant finishing material to give the photographs a lacquered finish. Moreover, this final coating also protects the canvas prints from the effects of moisture and direct sunlight. The end-product is stretched on a wooden frame to generate the impression of  frame-mounted oil paintings.

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