Great Photographic Locations in Australia

Australia is notably a great place when it comes to taking photographs. This is thanks to many fascinating scenes which provides a superb background for memorable photographs. Such scenes stretch from the sandy beaches, rocks, cliffs, the architecture, wildlife and even the people there. Among most notable locations are the likes of Whitsunday Beaches, Sydney city, Karajini National Park, The Great Ocean Road and The Pinnacle.

Whitehaven beach aerial view
1. Whitsunday Islands
-These islands are situated close to the Great Barrier Reef and are part of the Whitsunday National Park.
-They provide a superb backdrop of amazing coral white sandy beaches with crystal white waters which offers a great spot to take cool fascinating photographs.
-Another important part to note is the climbing to the top of the hill. This provides a glorious view and looks out over Whitehaven Beach and the top also offers a very fantastic spot to take photographs.
-These islands are no doubt a great spot for fantastic views, underwater photography and also snapshots overlooking the islands.
-Here, there is also an interesting view as the sun rises and sets at dusk hence great pictures can also be taken in position with the sun.

Sydney Harbour Bridge Panorama Wall Art

2. Sydney City
-The bustling metropolis provides a huge basket of photographic opportunities and may even make it impossible for you to single out photography points.
-The city boasts of great architectural places which provide great photo spots. These are the likes of the mighty centerpoint Tower, the famous Harbour Bridge and the iconic Sydney Opera House. Photographs taken here are highly appealing and mesmerizing. The beaches are also filled with boats which are interesting to take pictures of.
-To the eastern suburbs are also beautiful beaches surrounded by rocky outcrops which are also fantastic landscapes for photographing.
-In the streets of the city, the mix of people with various fashion trends and culture also provides interesting points for pictures and portraits.

3. Karijini National Park
-This is one of the hidden treasures of western parts of Australia and is home to a vast network of deep red rock canyons extending to sink in the cool green rivers.
-At the park one is also able to take pictures of a variety of wild animals and vegetation. The photographs of the wildlife portray life as it is in a natural setup.
-Other photography settings include the glowing canyons at night and the rhythmic movement of water in the ocean.
-Early in the morning as the sun rises, a great background is produced same as when the sun starts to sink in the evening.

Great Ocean Road Australia Landscape Wall Art

4. The Great Ocean Road
-The road starts from Melbourne and snakes its way along the coast to Adelaide. This meandering is through many cliffs and rocks and at one time ascends then descends again up hilltops.
-The rock formation sets a perfect scenery backdrop to take memorable photographs.
-Sunrise and sunset also create a beautiful spot to take photographs as the rays beams on the water and rocks.

5. The Pinnacle
-This offers a strange but captivating location where hundreds of rocks stand together in a desert-like region.
-These features form an alien-like landscape which provides an attractive photographing background.
-It is also worth taking photographs as the sun rises and sinks.

This list is merely a small taste of the various photographic locations spread out in Australia. To get a taste of these scenes you should obtain an Australia ETA visa and visit this nation for amazing photography locations.

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