Famous Pop Artists and their work

Famous Pop Artists and their work

Pop art has overwhelmingly changed the way artwork is looked at and viewed by many different generations of enthusiasts. Here is our pick of some popular piece from this genre, and famous artists who accepted pop art and emulsified it with their own original creativity and talent resulting into contemporary masterpieces. These pieces are possessed by many and loved by the people, and have become an inseparable part of our heritage and culture.

Jim Dine. Jim Dine is a fairly critical pop artist, who has produced marvelous paintings, which are a spectacular visual treat. One of his pop art paintings, ‘The Robe Following Her – 4’, is truly a delight in itself. This painting depicts a robe, which looks like a kimono, and is fumed with a variety of colors. The colors are stunning; sunny yellow in the foreground, with splashes of orange and flamboyant blue, along with olive green and maroon. The color makes this painting brim with life and is a dramatic cornucopia of absolute elegance.

James Gill. James Gill comes from an artistic background, and his love for art is evident in his work. His paintings include Political Prisoner, The machines, and other famous pieces. His painting, Political Prisoner for instance, shackles the observer, but in a positive stance. It is a reflection of the ideologies that Gill has had in his mind, that being serenity, vision, and astuteness. He has used various shades of blue, azure, turquoise and taupe, which glistens the foreground. This painting is as inimitable as the artist himself. He rose to success in a very steep manner through his subtle yet evocative pop art.

Roy Lichtenstein. How can the pop art scene be complete without a mention of the pioneer of this art form? Yes, Lichtenstein is undisputedly favored for his opus. When we think of Lichtenstein, we think of Whaam!. This painting depicts bombardment and discharge of fire. The bright colors used in this painting give Whaam! a unique appeal. “The drowning girl” is another painting by Lichtenstein. In this picture, the protagonist is a woman who is sobbing, with the waves of the sea in the background.

Andy Warhol: Also known as the ‘Pope of Pop’, along with Lichtenstein and other artists, he also came across Pop art, and has had his own story to tell. Other artists were already involved with one or more aspects of pop art, including the use of comics and caricatures. Many of them were even dealing with human figures, and more profound subjects. So how did Andy Warhol make his mark? Soup cans! His brainchild attributed him great success, and he was indeed a part of this pop art culture. His subjects were different, and he used stencils and screening in his art.

Other artists that made a mark in the Pop art scene include Billy Apple, Alex Katz known for his son’s painting, Vincent with open Mouth, and many other talented visionaries. The common denominator is that all of them display their gifts with the use of splendid colors and vivid imaginations.

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