Digital Photos on Canvas: Shedding some light on the process

Photos on canvas are a novel way of displaying photos: however there is an involved process to be understood. This article will hopefully shed some light on what exactly is involved.

_DSF5410When someone thinks of printing their photos, the first thing that usually springs to mind is photo paper and the choice of glossy or matte. Sometimes people are creative and choose borders and even blow up the image for different frames. However the fact is, printing photos doesn’t get more exciting than that right, or does it?? There’s an exciting medium that is coming back into vogue. It can’t be called new because it’s actually older than film; this new medium is canvas. Printing digital photos on canvas can make a picture really stand out and look beautiful. It has a unique quality to it that will often become a talking point, they also has a very long life span.

One of the primary reasons for this sudden popularity is the dawn of the digital age where most people now has access to a camera that can take high resolution photos and a computer to save and send them. Combine this with the large format printers now on the market and it forms a winning combination. Its never been easier to print photos on canvas.

When a digital photo is put on canvas, it is sealed with a water resistant sealant or laminate, and then it is hand stretched around a wooden bar that is just over an inch deep. Though art has been produced and portrayed on canvas worldwide in museums and personal homes alike for decades, it is only relatively recently that photographers thought to print digital photos on canvas. A photo on canvas is timeless, the classic quality of a good memory captured and displayed for eternity.

Not only can digital photos be printed on canvas, but they can also be tweaked and improved in a number of other cool ways such as making them black and white, taking away red eye, cropping away any unwanted aspects of the image, enlarging, or editing any damage. Printed photos don’t last very long, the quality of the image rapidly deteriorates, even a well stored photo will suffer, generally sunlight does a lot of damage to pictures out in frames, or just the same wear and tear that happens to everything. Canvas photos on the other hand can last a hundred years with proper care. Canvas can be treated with chemicals to ward off unseen yet dangerous UV rays to prevent fading and have a water resistant coating. They can even be wiped with a damp cloth to remove any dirty marks.

As with printing photos on paper, printing digital photos on canvas requires that the picture be the correct size and resolution. A photo of low resolution will not be sharp and be a bit blurry or pixilated, which even on a beautiful canvas just won’t look as good as a sharp photo. As the size of canvas increases, it is important that image resolution increase as well. Along with resolution, it’s also a smart idea to pick wisely what digital photo will be printed on to canvas. Since it is lovely, long lasting gift, put some effort and thought into the pictures being selected. Remember that sunrise and sunset allow for the best lighting for most outdoor photography and use that to your advantage to take a beautiful digital photo transcribed on to a timeless canvas to be cherished for decades to come.