Custom Canvas Print Ideas That Add a Pop of Colour to Any Room

Custom Canvas Print Ideas That Add a Pop of Colour to Any Room

custom canvas2018 is all about fresh new colours.

Graham & Brown named Penelope, a dusty rose, as their colour of the year. Pantone named UltraViolet, an opulent purple as the “now” shade. On-trend colours this year are barely-there pinks, pastel blue-greens, rich purples, and minimalist greens.

Out this year? Tropical greens, warm beiges, and wishy-washy lavender.

Can’t keep up? Instead of making major design commitments like floors, walls, and furniture, how about using art to add your pops of on-trend colour to you your life?

Custom canvas art is a fast, easy, and inexpensive way to bring life and colour to any room. Read on for more great ideas.

Quest for Fun and Adventure in the Hall

This year’s dusty rose and blue-green colours are the inspiration for rooms that recall pink sand, sunsets and cool water.

How about a grouping of your favourite travel photos, custom printed on canvas and brightly lit, gallery style?

Pick a central them and print oversized canvases. Let colour take you on holiday. A playful cacophony of hues helps to brighten your space and feels as good as a vacation.

Create Cohesion in the Salon

The 18th and 19th century Paris trend to hang art all over the wall is referred to as salon style. It’s a dramatic option to give opulence to your living or study area. Attention is focused on the collective effect instead of individual pieces.

Print custom canvas pieces in various sizes and shapes, at least five pieces to your initial grouping. Think an old movie poster, photos of silver screen starlets’ eyebrows, and some text torn from newspaper headlines–all in a similar tone of plum. These become cohesive elements with shared features, despite being completely random.

This display style also gives you the opportunity to be playful with size, subject, and scale.

For instance, an enormous photo divided into several small canvases or a large canvas print hung centrally surrounded by smaller prints. Add fancy frames and metallic-toned velvet ribbons for a final touch.

Clashing Colour

Clashing colours and rich red-purple tones will create an energetic and vibrant mix, perfect for your kitchen or family room.

Don’t fuss to buy “real” art. Your own postcards, posters, children’s drawings, or pages taken from books can all make stunning custom canvas art.

Choose multiple small canvases or highlight just one stunning piece for real impact!

Concentrated Monochrome

For the smallest room in the house, you might prefer custom canvas art in stark black and white.

Think about photos, quotes, and themes of humour, offbeat beauty, and unexpected shapes or shadow.

Art doesn’t need to match its surroundings. Feel free to mix contemporary and traditional pieces. Mix photos of ancient coins and modern manhole covers. Be bold!

Size Up the Space

It may be difficult to know what size custom canvas art will look best in your room. When it comes to finding the right size art piece, keep in mind your furniture so that you don’t overwhelm (or underwhelm) your space with your accent art.

The general rule is to work around your major pieces of furniture, looking to cover between half and three-quarters of your wall with canvas. Some books suggest the magic number is 4/7 of the selected space.

Interior designers use a mathematic rule of thumb. Measure your height and width of wall space, then multiply those numbers by 0.57.

This will give you the approximate dimensions of the area to be covered with art. Estimate that you will space each piece by 2 cm and you can quickly estimate your artwork size.

You can select artwork that fills the space naturally, with a nice “frame” of wall around the canvas so the space doesn’t seem cluttered by the artwork. The bolder the art, the more room it needs to be appreciated.

Framing It

Framing (or not framing) your custom canvases is an important consideration. Opulent and formal rooms call for over-the-top gilded frames, while modern minimalist rooms might call for brushed nickel or nothing at all.

For the look of a limited-edition print, a floating frame around your print sets off the wall space behind and draws the eye in. Consider shadow boxes for your art for a finished look or unifying a group of same size pieces with identical brushed metal frames.

Simple pine frames are an effective way to set off the work without taking away from it. These look very nice with the dusky roses and blue-greens found in 2018 colours.

Just remember, the frame should complement your canvas, not clash with it!

Use Art to Make a Colour Pop

If you want to make a splash with fresh, trendy design without a huge cost, custom canvas art is for you. Use your white walls and neutral furniture to your advantage. Just add plenty of light and create custom artworks to brighten up your space.

Make art the centre attraction and put the spotlight literally and figuratively on your artwork. Select one hot on-trend colour to freshen up your decor or put all your artworks into one room in your house to focus your efforts.

Leave the paint the walls white or off-white. Lay hardwood floors or a neutral carpet. Install window coverings with clean simple lines and neutral colours (or no window coverings at all). Choose furniture with simple, classic lines in neutral colours.

Let the Art Be the Star

Ready to add inexpensive 2018 colour and style to your home with these ideas?

Browse our library of photos, upload your own shots and create something special online. Whether your tastes run to Klimt, Van Gogh, Banksy or your own work, we can create a custom canvas work just for your home.

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