Creating Beautiful Pieces of Pop Art from Your Own Photos

Do you have beautiful photos that you would love to have turned into decorative pieces of art?  Pop art created from your own personal photos has become all the craze over the past couple of years.  There are some excellent ways that you can use those photos that you have lying around the house.

First of all, consider the Warhol style pop art.  Andy Warhol created some stunning artwork.  The primary focus of most of his pieces is a headshot.  Keep this in mind as you look for photos for this type of pop art.  Colour and contrast are two things that come to mind when you think of Andy Warhol’s work.  If you are looking for the perfect piece of artwork to liven up a room, then this is definitely something to consider.

Next, you may want to consider turning some of your photos into beautiful portraits printed on canvas.  If Warhol style paintings are not what you have in mind, you could consider something a bit less dramatic.  Instead of just letting those great pictures sit in a box or a photo album, why not have them enlarged on canvas so that you can enjoy them in your home?  You can get canvas prints in various different sizes that will suit any room.

You could also consider predesigned art work if you don’t really have any pictures that you want to have turned into pop art or printed on canvas.  There are so many different pieces to choose from.  No matter what type of art you prefer, you are sure to find something that will suit your style perfectly.

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