Characteristics of Pop Art

You have probably heard the term “pop art” a time or two. Maybe a friend of yours collects pop art, or you heard the topic come up at a dinner party. While you have probably heard the phrase, there is a good chance you don’t understand what makes art ‘pop’. Once you know the characteristics, you’ll be able to take part in those dinner conversations with your own opinions about pop art and what you think looks good.

Pop Art is a Part of Pop Culture

andy warhol michael jacksonAs the name suggests, pop art is art that extends from popular culture. These images can come from the news, advertisements, road signs, comic strips, soup cans, or anything else that the artist sees. Instead of showing the item in its natural context, though, the artist usually either isolates it or combines it with different material. In doing so, the artist shows that everything in the world is interconnected, even when those connections are not obvious. Often, the artist also makes ironic statements through their artwork.

Emotionally Removed               

Art and emotions have been intertwined since the beginning of time, so the removal of emotions is a very important characteristic of pop art. Artists who create pop art are often said to be withdrawn from or ambivalent to their subjects. This makes the art pure in a way. By failing to infuse their own emotions into their work, artists dare people to explore their own feelings. Viewers are not led down a path. Instead, they observe the piece and then decide what they feel without any prompting or prodding.

Vivid Colors

Pop art is known for its vivid colors. Reds, yellows, and blues are prevalent in pop art. While other colors can be used, these bright colors are typically the first things people see. It can almost come off like a comic book due to all of the colors. However, when people take a closer look, they will see strong messages and points of view.

Pop art is an interesting form of expression. There are not any hard and fast rules that govern pop art, but these characteristics will give you an idea of what to expect when talking about or viewing this art form. Once you are informed, you can pick up some pieces of pop art for your home if you decide you like pop art. Or you’ll at least be ready to join in the next conversation.


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