Bright or Black & White, DNA Art Makes Your Home Unique

It’s an odd thought that all of us are made up of basically the same components, but that we are all so different and unique from one another.  The ‘blame’ lies with our DNA – our personal blueprint.  Unlocking the genetic code has been a fascinating project, and now you can have a representation of your own personal imprint thanks to  Even if you are an identical twin, your DNA will differ slightly from your sibling’s. Just as no two snowflakes are identical, the same individuality seems to hold true for people.

Deep Purple DNA Wall Art

Those who enjoy the clean, minimal lines of modern décor will certainly appreciate the dramatic statement that DNA art will add to your wall space.  A black and white colour theme will present a stark beauty that will focus attention on each object in the room.  How better to carry this idea through to the wall with the Bold Black or White Elegance print?   You can even combine these contrasting images in one piece of art for an even more arresting statement, and this is a perfect way for couples to display their togetherness.

However, if you don’t see the world in terms of black and white, you’ll find that there is a range of colours and styles that will work to accent and brighten your rooms.  There’s nothing like a canvas print in Pop Art to really transform blah to terrific.  As there are over 60 different styles to choose from, the only problem you may have is deciding which one will work best for you.

Although you’ll probably want at least one DNA Art print for yourself, they also make great gifts.  A wedding is a perfect occasion to give one of these beautiful prints, especially one that has the genetic code for both the bride and groom.  Also, if you’re tired of giving Dad neckties or handkerchiefs for Christmas, gift him with DNA Art that includes his wife and kids, and maybe even a favourite pet.   You can also present someone with a DNA Art Gift Box that includes swabs, voucher, and instructions.

Ordering your print couldn’t be easier – your kit will arrive at your home within days, then you need only take a swab from the inside of your mouth and return everything to DNA Art in the prepaid mailer. Once in the hands of the DNA Art professionals, your genetic data will be transformed into dramatic and unique art, ready to display in your home.  In order to protect your identity, all genetic information destroyed after decoding is complete.

DNA art is created by taking a photograph of your genetic code, colouring it, and then transferring it to canvas or paper.  The highest quality, archival quality inks are used to make sure that your print is as crisp in 50 years as it is on the day you receive it.  There is a great range of mounting options available, whether you want your print to hang on the wall or ceiling or sit on a table or desk.  An interesting choice would be a Floating frame, which separates the main body of the print from the wall, to give the impression that it is floating in space – a very appropriate way to display this kind of art.  Check out the website today to see all the great options available.