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A whole load of questions and answers

So we realised that about one in four emails we receive, is asking one of these questions, so we thought, I know let’s write the answers to all of these on one blog article as a resource for our customers, but also from a purely selfish point of view, hopefully, we can answer some of the questions you guys have before you ask them, any of these questions have been answered in other blogs specifically covering these questions in a great deal of detail so we’ve added links to these blogs here too.

How to frame canvas prints?

This question comes out a fair amount online so we thought we would address it for our customers. Please note however that we specialise in offering stretched canvas prints primarily as we subsidise the stretching of these artworks, i.e. the price includes the whole package, however there are situations where our customers are looking to travel with the art or send it overseas as a gift and they do ask us this question, how to frame a canvas print? So in the interest of sharing information, we drafted up this guide here that we hope you’ll find useful.

Framing Canvas Prints

How to stretch canvas prints?

Essentially the same question So we covered it in the article mentioned above, you can see exactly how to stretch your own canvas print here in a step-by-step guide. 

How to hang my Canvas print Artwork?

A popular question, so popular in fact we created a blog detailing all about this process you can see it here.

Stretched or Rolled Canvas?

Another very popular question relating to what the differences between a stretched canvas print and a rolled canvas print, again so popular in fact the way you have written an article for you as a resource and you can see it here in great detail.

Where to buy canvas prints online?

Right here, yep you’ve come to the right place we have over 4000 gorgeous artworks in every conceivable style and colour and design. We honestly feel we have something for everyone, for every taste and for every wall space (that’s catchy isn’t it?). However, if we haven’t got we are looking for then there are a wide range of options online depending on your budget, for example, we don’t do limited editions or high and art, for these you might want to take a walk down the High Street and look for a specialist art gallery.

How much are canvas prints?

Canvas prints vary enormously in their pricing depending on the quality where they are manufactured and who buying from, we can’t send too much light on other peoples prices but we can so you see our prices here, bear in mind that we manufacture our artwork here in Noosaville, Australia and do not print cheap, easily faded, low-quality canvases from Asia.

Where to get canvas prints framed?

If you do decide to go down the route of not having your artwork framed when you order it then there are a couple of options for you, you can take the DIY option of stretching it yourself, although we do not recommend this, unless you have some experience and the right tools, you can see this blog we created all about this here, if you do decide to pursue this option. Secondly, you can take it to a local frame shop and they will do it for you this is a better option if you have spent some money on a good piece of artwork.

How to sell canvas prints?

This question is relevant really if you are a photographer or artist and are looking to sell your artwork, if you are then there are a number of routes you can go down, ranging from selling on sites like Etsy to speaking to companies like ourselves who will sell the artwork for you and do the stretching and fulfilment for you with quarterly commission payments paid out based on sales, you can also go down the route of selling the images with sites like Shutterstock or lastly you might take the path of having the artwork printed yourself and selling on your own website or even down local markets. Again there are a variety of options for this all depending on how much work and effort you want to put into it.

Can canvas prints be hung in the bathroom?

We are often asked whether you can put canvas prints in the bathroom and the answer is yes if you are careful with the selection. A well-made canvas print, i.e. not cheap in China or India prints, can be hung in the bathroom as they will be covered in an invisible laminate that will protect against the water, additionally the timber will be kiln-dried and able to fend off against moist environments, however if you want to go one step further and you have a very damp bathroom we can actually print on a special canvas that provides even further protection for the artwork against damp, feel free to contact us if you are looking for this.

Can I hang my canvas print outside?

The answer is probably no to this as a canvas print needs to be prepared in a particular way to be able to resist the outdoor elements, here at Blue Horizon Prints we do offer outdoors canvas prints, we will print the art on a unique polycotton enabling it to hang outside and not fade or suffer from damage due to water exposure.

How to Frame a Canvas Print?

This question comes out a fair amount online so we thought we would address it for our customers. Please note however that we specialise in offering stretched canvas prints primarily as we subsidise the stretching of these artworks, i.e. the price includes the whole package, however there are situations where our customers are looking to… Continue Reading

Pacific/Australia Centred Push Pin Maps

We’d like to introduce our customers to our wide range of Pacific/Australia centred push pin maps. Our collection of personalised maps are, as far as we know the largest collection in Australia and are becoming very popular with people who love to travel and let’s face it, many Australians love to take time to explore the… Continue Reading

Our Top 10 Salvador Dali Artworks

Salvador Dalí was born in 1904 and died in 1989. He was a Spanish artist who is famous for his art in the genre of Surrealism, an influential 20th century movement. Surrealist artists reject the rational in art; and instead aim to channel the unconscious to unlock the power of imagination. Dali extensively used symbolism… Continue Reading

Top 10 Artworks by Takashi Murakami

Takashi Murakami, born February 1, 1962, is a Japanese contemporary artist. He works in painting and sculpture, as well as commercial media and likes to blur the line between high and low art. He coined the term “superflat”, which describes both the aesthetic characteristics of the Japanese artistic tradition and the nature of post-war Japanese… Continue Reading

How To Design A Cool Startup Office in 2019

What do you think defines a cool startup office in 2019? Start-ups are increasingly embracingextras like nap rooms, free snacks and dry cleaning. Even better, their office interior design is impressive. Nowadays, most companies are breaking the traditional ways and looking for spaces that promote innovativeness. Therefore, if you are looking for ways to make… Continue Reading

The Top 10 Paintings by Andy Warhol

The Top 10 Paintings by Andy Warhol

Banana 1966 In the 1960s Andy Warhol was associated with the band The Velvet Underground. Wanting to add rock & roll to his Factory’s repertoire, Warhol offered to act as the Velvet Underground’s manager in 1965, despite not knowing what that normally entailed. This print of banana featured on the cover of the debut album… Continue Reading

Alex Katz – All about the Artist

The famous artist, Alex Katz was born July 24, 1927 to a Russian Jewish family, living in Brooklyn, New York, as the son of an immigrant factory owner, who had lost his business during the Russian Revolution. In 1928 the family moved to St. Albans, Queens, where Katz grew up in a mixed neighbourhood of… Continue Reading

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