Art that wont fade with time

Nicephore Niepce invented usable photography in 1816. His achievement has been an important milestone in the efforts of photographers trying to preserve their art, and printing photos on canvas is a continuation of these same efforts.

The longevity of a photo print on canvas is considerably more than digital photography. This is because, canvas itself is a durable material that lasts for decades. In fact, the canvas material gathers a charming quality as it gets older. The life of a canvas print depends on how the photograph was printed on canvas and the material quality of canvas. The practice of printing photos on canvas is a way of preserving photos for even more than 75 years.

In order to ascertain the longevity of a photograph as a canvas print, photography laboratories conduct tests by shining blinding UV light on a photograph for a long period of time. This is a method of determining the quality of the canvas print and how long will it take for the photograph to completely fade. These tests prove beyond doubt that printing photos to canvas is an unmatched way to preserve photos for a long period of time. The durability of the canvas material preserves the photos on canvas for decades at a stretch without any need of photo restoration.

Photographs are memories. We want the photo memories to remain with us for our entire life. This is precisely the main reason why one prints photos to canvas. Photos that are not placed on canvas are prone to damages and face the need of photo restoration. The types of damages on photo prints can be several, including being water damaged or wrinkled. As a result, the memory that you want to preserve in the photograph slowly fades away to an indistinguishable blur. This can be easily avoided by printing the photos to canvas. Canvas printing methods are thereby used to maintain the color balance, contrast and sharpness of the photographs without any need of photo restoration.

The difference between a canvas print and a digital print is evident and obvious. The canvas print can last for decades without any need of photo restoration while digital prints require photo retouching after a period of time. Maintaining a canvas print is thus an effortless way of preserving the sanctity of a photograph. Moreover, we can physically feel the difference between a canvas print and a digital print. The photos on canvas have a unique depth and durability in themselves. Another big difference between a canvas print and a digital print is that the former provides diverse options in the size of the images. Depending on the quality of the images, they can even be transferred on to a canvas that measures 50 by 70 inches in size.

Handling the canvas print with care is the only thing that you should remember to ensure the long life of the photograph. First, the canvas should not be kept in an area that receives lots of direct sunlight. Sunlight has the effect of slowly fading the photographs.  Second, the photo print on canvas should also be preserved in a dry environment. Like sunlight, humidity also has a depreciating effect on the photos on canvas. Lastly, remember to brush the canvas print occasionally with a soft brush so that small particles of dust do not adhere to the canvas print. With proper care, you will be able to ensure that the memory of photograph will last for decades without fading.

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