20 Mother’s Day Arts & Crafts Projects for Kids in COVID-19 Lockdown

Want to keep your children entertained during the lockdown? Here are 20 Mother’s Day themed arts and crafts that are sure to put a smile on that special women’s face.

  1. Butterfly Handprint Card

Receiving a card is a rarity these days, so why not get your child to create the ultimate personalised card! The butterfly card combines two cut-outs of your child’s hand glued together at the palms to recreate the wings of a butterfly. Draw the body of a butterfly and get them to paste it where the ‘wings’ join. Write a message in the body, fold it over, and there you have it – a one of a kind card from your precious child.

  1. Pasta Necklace

Mum’s love their jewellery box’s, we all know that. But what we don’t know is that a pasta necklace from your child would be the ultimate Mother’s Day gift. It will be sure to make all the other mum’s jealous.

  1. Handprint Art

It’s time to get the paint down from the highest shelf – And no, it is not home renovation time. It’s time for your child to get messy and unleash their inner creativity. Set-up a large piece of paper, dip your kids’ hand in your favourite colour and watch them become the modern-day Da Vinci.

handprint art

  1. Popsicle Stick Photo Frame

Smile! It’s photo time. Gather around 5-7 popsicle sticks and some sticky tape – oh and don’t forget a beautiful photo of your mum. Stick the popsicle sticks together and clip the photo on. It is as easy as that – a custom photo frame in a matter of minutes.

  1. Tin Can Pots

It’s time to get out the paint again, find some cans and buy some seeds. Allow your child to unleash their inner Picasso whilst painting the tin. Once completed let the can dry, place some dirt into it and plant your seed. Homemade herb garden in no time.

  1. Coffee Filter Flowers

Grab 4-5 paper coffee filters and some food dye. Lay the filters out and place a few drops of your chosen colour onto them and watch as the colour spreads across the entire filter. It might be a good idea to wear gloves as this can get a bit messy!

  1. Fingerprint Mugs

Find a mug that doesn’t have anything else on it and choose your favourite colour of the paint. Get your child to dip their fingers in and go wild on the painting. The result will be a mug that’ll make all the detectives jealous.

  1. Bottle Cap Keychain

Dad’s love a good beer so why not turn the unused bottle tops into art? With this project, you can! Gather a bottle top and your kids’ favourite markers and they can draw little pieces of art in the centre – the more bottlecaps the better.

button card


9. Button Card

Everyone loves buttons! So, bust out your old or unused buttons and stick them to the face of a card. It’ll be sure to make the card heavy – and most importantly memorable. Maybe your kid can rearrange the colours of the buttons to make it even more artistic!

  1. Painted Apron

This one will require a little bit of preparation but when done properly will fill your favourite women with joy. Buy a blank apron, some nice paints and go to town. Paint whatever comes to mind! There are no rules when it comes to arts & crafts, only that safety is no. 1 priority.

  1. Preparing Photos for a Photo Collage

This is my personal favourite! Get your kid in front of a laptop and have them select their favourite photos which include their mum obviously ;). Then, head over to Blue Horizon Prints, a premier printing company, choose a fun collage layout and design and get the photos printed on a canvas – how beautiful.

  1. Paper Snowflakes

We are coming up to winter, so make your mum a beautiful collection of snowflakes right out of frozen. Get some paper and fold it over, cut holes along the fold line wherever you want. Then, to see the magic, unfold the piece of paper and you will have your very own custom snowflake that any mum is sure to enjoy.

  1. Toilet Roll Animals

Time to save toilet rolls! Once there is no paper left it is time to grab the texter’s and draw the face of your favourite animal on the roll. Once completed your mum will have a collection of little animals – a whole new family of pets.

14. Leaf Animals

If you have access to some medium to large leaves then this one’s for you! Grab the leaf and stick it down on the page. Draw some scales on it and then a mouth, and you have your very own fish that you can give to your mum. It might not swim but that’s ok your mum will love it nevertheless.

  1. Weather Diorama

Get an unused box and cut it open so you have a stage-like structure. Afterwards get your child to look out the window and decide what the weather is like, then provide them with some paper and stationary and they can recreate the weather in the box.

  1. Key Windchime

Get your old keys and tie them to a piece of string hanging off a stick and when the wind blows it’ll be sure to make a nice noise that will put any mum straight to sleep.

  1. Custom Phone Case

Make sure your mum wants this first as it might upset her! Grab her phone case and some paint and unleash your inner artist on the cover, covering it in whatever you like! Make her happy.

  1. Pasta Bracelet

Get some string, uncooked macaroni or penne and let’s get crafting. Feed the pasta onto the string and make it the size of your mum’s wrist. Then when she’s least expecting it put the bracelet on her and she’ll love It forever.

Pasta Bracelet

  1. Beach Monogram

You’ll need to be at the beach for this one. Grab some sand, paper and glue. Write a message with glue on the paper and then dip it in the sand. The sand will stick to the glue and make it look like a message from Poseidon God of the seas.

  1. Recycled Milk Carton Fairy House

Clean out an old milk jug and get your best craft skills on. You’ll be cutting doors and little holes for the fairies to fly out of all afternoon. You can paint it if you believe the fairies will let you… let your imagination run wild

20 Mother’s Day Arts & Crafts Projects for Kids in COVID-19 Lockdown, Article courtesy of the Blue Horizon Prints team.

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