10 Top Tips for Making it as an Artist in Today’s World

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There seems to be an endless amount of people wishing to become famous artists in today’s world. It is important for an up and coming artist to know the top 10 tips to give them the best chance at becoming successful. In the age of digital technology, it seems to me that artists are more frequently promoting their work online – therefore these 10 tips are centred around the way an artist can become successful through the utilisation of the internet.


People spend a lot of time on portable gadgets like smartphones, iPads and laptops. Most of this time is spent on social media sites. Not only do users interact with their peers on these sites, but they also keep track of individuals and businesses they’re involved in and up to date on the latest news. Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook are the best social media sites to view, share and connect to your work. Set up a professional website, use beautiful photos of your work, post on your social media on a daily basis, and engage regularly with your fans by responding on their feedback and addressing any questions they might have.

10 Top Tips for making it as an artist in today's world


It’s very hard to get known online and much harder to sell your artwork if you don’t have a website of your own. Make it convenient for people to find out more about your art by showing your artwork on your own website. Few tips to get the best out of your website are:

  • make sure your website is designed for all platforms. Users use a variety of different tools to navigate the Internet, and you need to make sure that every device shows your website well. A poor experience with your website will scare people away forever.
  • Do have a contact page on the website so that people can get in touch and ask questions or make comments.
  • Enable consumers to pay through a variety of various online payment methods, such as PayPal or Stripe.

Another way to be known is by entering the popular online art community. A perfect example of an online portal is ArtChain Global, where you can sign up to use their website for free at www.artchainglobal.com Their site is intended to encourage young artists to display their art to the world and attract thousands of art lovers. ArtChain Global is based on blockchain technology, which ensures that if you upload your art, you’ve created your legacy as an artist, and your work will exist forever after you in a virtual universe. Nice, huh?

The key benefits of the Art Chain Digital website are:

  • The artwork is free and open to all in the world.
  • There is absolute disclosure on the production and context of your artwork, such as its original upload, distribution and possession, past distribution, etc. It will help you, as an artist, keep track about what’s going on with your artwork post initial sale and provide potential art buyers accurate background information about your art giving them more confidence to purchase it.
  • Royalty fees for the resale of your artwork can be automatic, and you keep making money every time one of your artworks is resold on the website.
  • You get rewarded with cryptocurrency which can be exchanged for real currency for uploading your art onto the platform, or when you upload more information about your art.
  • You get paid with a cryptocurrency that can be traded for actual money for submitting your art to the website, or when you add more information about your work.

Although exhibitions may not be a cup of tea for everyone, taking part in the related art contests will make the artwork visible to a wider audience. Your artwork will be on display for hundreds or even thousands of art lovers. When you’re nominated as a finalist, there’s still more attention to you and your work, and that can set the stage to make your career really get off the ground. Know that the people who will see and judge the art as part of the competition are true art fans who are still searching for new talent. It ensures that there is a better likelihood that someone will appreciate your work and pursue you and your artistic career.

10 Top Tips for making it as an artist


Europe and North America have traditionally dominated the global art market, but China is now the largest competitor. The middle class in China has risen steadily in recent years, as well as its disposable income. This led to an unprecedented rise in the number of Chinese art buyers and dealers.

One way to be heard by Chinese art buyers is to get involved on Weibo, which is the Chinese version to Facebook and Twitter. Being set up on Weibo can be a little difficult, but when handled well, it will also improve your career because the Chinese population is over 1.4 billion, almost 20 per cent of the world’s overall population. Please note that many Chinese people don’t pay by credit card, so you will need to set up a different payment system if you want them to purchase your art, such as AliPay, Tenpay and UnionPay, who together have almost 80% market share in China, or you can just guide them to ArtChain Global because they cater to all markets. It’s too fast.


It’s best to practise to make your artwork easy to view as you post your artwork to a website. Allowing users to quickly post a snapshot of your artwork on their own social media, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, will maximise the number of views your artwork receives. People are constantly expecting websites to have ‘share on social media’ buttons, so if they can’t find one, they just don’t go out of their way to share the work. Having it as simple as possible for art lovers to share their work on social media is the secret to having more people aware of the art.


People want to learn about you and your work. If it’s what helped you want to become an artist, the path to where you are now, or what motivated you to make a single piece of art, it’s the knowledge that people want to devour. A blog will give readers a deeper picture of you and give them some information on your works of art, something that could get them over the line before they decide whether or not to purchase your artwork. People will even post your blog on their own social media sites, which can lead to much more visibility for you and your work.


Whether it’s a blog or a website, it’s vital to stay in contact with people who are interested in you and your work. People may not think they’re going to your website or blog on a regular basis, or they may just forget about you, even though they enjoyed your art. Give people a chance to subscribe to a newsletter so that you have their info on the register. Sending a newsletter on a daily basis is a perfect way to keep in contact with people who enjoy your art and are interested in learning more from you.


Be imaginative to encourage people in the own community to take note of you and the artwork:

  • volunteer with local charities to design their artwork for them in exchange for putting your name on the artwork.
  • Go to local markets to display your work at a table.
  • Make a T-shirt and send it to your mates, or better yet, hold a draw and hand them out as prizes.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an operation term that aims to boost search engine rankings. There are a number of strategies you can use to get your website up there with your search engine application. The most popular search engine is Google and the end aim is to make your website appear among the first 10 organic results because the keywords you’ve searched are ones that are directly related to your website. Organic findings are findings that are generated on the basis of the content on the website rather than by paid ads. There are a lot of free guides that will help you get the fundamentals of SEO right. SEO is a thing that is frequently ignored when designing a website, but missing this vital part of it can result in the website becoming like a house in the desert, with no one becoming able to find it.

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