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vogue tennis magazine cover artWe have a stunning collection of Art Deco posters prints at our online art gallery here at Blue Horizon Prints. Our collection of both art deco and art nouveau vintage poster prints is one of the largest in Australia with more than 200 prints of a wide range of posters available. All prints use only the highest quality original posters without excessive fading, wear and tear or rips.

What exactly are Art Deco posters? This term was first applied to a new style of design around the 1920’s and 1930’s, first seen in Paris it soon spread its designer wings across Europe and later the USA. The style is best known for its geometric colours and strong, vibrant colours. The vivid style screams of the optimism of the 1920’s and the pure escapism of the 1930’s and left its mark on the design world with a resurgence in popularity in the 1960’s.
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The posters from this era are now highly collectable and the prints we sell make stunning wall art pieces. The art deco trends can be recognised on the posters by the symbols of speed, seen in the Rocketeer poster or the excessive exuberance of era seen in energetic jazz, short skirts short cut hair and controversial dances.

Another great style is the popular Art Nouveau poster prints epitomised by our beautiful Alphonse Mucha posters, otherwise known as Alfons Maria Mucha, this Czech painter was well known for his many paintings, posters, illustrations and advertisements, we have more than 8 of these gorgeous Art nouveau great designs.

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A Must-Read for Lovers of Vintage Posters and Framed Vintage Art Prints
What you should know before buying vintage art.

If you are a lover of vintage poster art, the one thing you should know is that vintage art never goes out of style. Art lovers mostly agree that despite their personal taste, almost all well-cultured art collectors adore an excellent vintage piece. There is such a wide selection and subject matter available that there is something for all art enthusiasts to love.
Not surprisingly, it is the movie industry that birthed some of the most expensive and sought after vintage art posters out there today. Art print posters are much cheaper than purchasing and restoring originals, and they look remarkable. Whether its Vintage Poster Prints or vintage framed prints, you’re sure to find something that speaks to you at Blue Horizon Prints.

Vintage Art Deco Posters

Vintage Posters For Sale
Vintage art posters were once the mainstream form of advertisement. They were vibrant and colourful because they were made to catch the eye of a passerby in public places. They were not built to last, only to serve a temporary purpose.

They were made with the knowledge that they would be in the elements and probably taken down, covered, or simply tossed away, like a flyer may be done today. Only around 3,000 posters could be created due to stone lithography, and frequently by anonymous artists.

Thankfully as time and printing evolved, we have seen the era of photolithography printing, woodblock printing, silkscreens printing, and photo-offset printing. All of these were stepping stones to our highly advanced printing abilities today. There are several types, including styles from Art Nouveau vintage art posters from the late 1800s and the Art Deco vintage posters from the 1920s-1930s.
Vintage art posters have very different characteristics and styles that portray a part of the artist who created them.

You can now buy vintage art posters, signs, or canvas prints, framed or unframed, at a fraction of the cost of originals. You can even get wall decals thanks to the advanced technologies available to duplicate these timeless classics.

Vintage art posters Australia feature drink posters, movie posters, posters, and so much more.
You can count on Blue Horizon Prints to carry an extensive vintage poster art collection in Australia. You will find so many vintage canvases for sale, and all at very affordable prices. You will also find a stunning collection of vintage posters for sale that include some very sought after classics. Just check out the gallery of vintage art posters and see for yourself what an amazing find Blue Horizon is to art lovers like yourself.

We hope you enjoying browsing the vintage art prints, posters, and canvas gallery collection. You can see for yourself what all of the fuss is about because we can guarantee you two things. Number one, our vintage art posters, and canvases are unique and made of the best quality. And number two, Blue Horizon Prints, is not just another printing company, we make all our art with TLC here in Australia.