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What is a Rolled / Unstretched Canvas?

what is a rolled canvas print

One of the biggest questions we get asked is what is the difference between Stretched and Unstretched/Rolled canvases. In a nutshell, a stretched canvas print is a canvas print that has been stretched over a kiln-dried timber frame and is delivered ready to hang straight on the wall. An unstretched or rolled canvas is just the printed canvas without the stretcher bars, customers that buy the rolled canvas normally either want to make their own frame or ship their art overseas.

We highly recommend the Stretched Canvas Print option as your artwork arrives ready to hang straight on the wall, no fuss, no extra work, just a beautifully presented artwork that has all the fittings and can be hung on the wall immediately.

Why would you choose a Rolled Canvas Print instead?

  • If you are planning on transporting the art overseas or interstate
  • It costs less than regular canvas (arguably), its cheaper to have it done by us than a local framer
  • By taking the rolled canvas to a local framer you can easily have it stretched yourself
  • Fear of damage that might occur during shipping (we cover any damages by couriers but if you don’t want to tackle the risk then its an option
  • People occasionally prefer a DIY approach – therefore, they want to stretch it themselves, some customers have stitched a hem at the top of then art and run poles thought the art to drape them etc

rolled canvas print tools

Stretched canvas print: 100% archival quality, cotton canvas, stretched over a thick 35mm kiln dried timber frame. Delivered ready to hang straight on the wall, including picture wire and felt protective bumpers on the back. This is the best option if you want to receive a finished piece of art.

Unstretched canvas print: Unstretched canvas otherwise known as a rolled canvas is without the wooden stretcher bars, delivered rolled in a tube. It is just the canvas itself, customers often buy unstretched canvas for overseas delivery or if they want to get the canvas framed themselves.

Framed Print: Your photo is printed on premium grade, archival rag paper then framed in either a black, white or mahogany frame. Lastly, we cover the canvas frame with a Perspex cover (it looks and feels the same as glass but adds a lot of durabilities.) See this page for all the details about our Framed Prints, Paper Prints and Floater Frames.


The Pros of a Stretched Canvas Print

  • Delivered ready to hang on the wall
  • Cutting-edge technologies provide a near-perfect print work
  • The handcrafted spruce wood framework makes the canvas stay intact for decades
  • The guarantee of a professionally stretched canvas with perfect tension
  • An overall more affordable option as its cheaper to stretch then art with us than locally
  • Delivery with professional fittings, picture wire and buffers to protect the artwork

The Pros of Rolled Canvas

  • Transportable: Many customers select this option if the artwork isn a gift and being taken overseas
  • The print quality that in no way differs from that of a framed canvas
  • A chance to try your hand at wall decor crafting if you want creatively hang the art yourself
  • Around 30% cheaper than a Stretched Canvas Print

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