Custom Canvas / Pop Art

  • Modern Warhol
  • Classic Warhol
  • Warhol Dual Colour
  • Day Glo
  • Warhol in pastels
  • Guevara Portrait
  • Mono Colour pop art
  • Sectioned pop art
  • Banksy pop art
  • Day Dreaming
  • Colour wash
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Number of panels
Select Size (WxH) Price per canvas
12in x 12in (30cm x 30cm)  
16in x 16in (41cm x 41cm)  
24in x 24in (61cm x 61cm)  
30in x 30in (76cm x 76cm)  
41in x 41in (102cm x 102cm)  
50in x 50in (127cm x 127cm)  
12in x 18in (30cm x 46cm)  
18in x 24in (46cm x 61cm)  
20in x 30in (51cm x 76cm)  
24in x 32in (61cm x 81cm)  
30in x 40in (76cm x 102cm)  
40in x 54in (102cm x 137cm)  

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