1. Family photos usually have pride of place in the house, on the walls, above the fire place or in the hallway so people can see them as soon as they walk into your home.

    Not all family photos are worth displaying but you know when you get a special one, at Christmas, on holiday or at a graduation that it will be framed and put on the wall. They are the kinds of photos that you never get tired of seeing and they usually evoke feelings of happiness, pride and nostalgia.

    When you get a photograph which is really special, the first photograph of a new born child for example, and you want to display it in a particularly special way a canvas photo print is a great way of doing it.

    You can have this extra special photo blown up to a specific size, placed on high quality canvas and then delivered ready to hang on the piece of wall which you have designated for it.  Photos on canvas are a new and exciting way of documenting your family’s history on the walls of your home. They stand out amongst the crowd and add colour and love to your home.

    Easy to Order Canvas Photo Print

    Bluehorizonprints.com.au specialise in creating photos on canvas. Their easy to order three step system allows you to upload your photograph, decide your style, size and shape and then all you have to do is place your order. It’s as easy as 1 2 3.

    photo on canvas SydneyYou are able to choose the canvas shape, the tone of the picture (black and white, original or sepia) and the size. They even have a custom size option for when you need a very specific size for the walls of your house.

    Another great option is their photo collage canvas; for when you have so many great photographs that you just can’t decide which one to pick. You can upload a number of photographs and have them fit on one canvas in various shapes and sizes. You can choose as many as fifty photographs to make up your unique family collage canvas.

    These canvases can also be used as a great gift option. You could choose some special photographs have them presented on 100% cotton canvas and then have it delivered to a loved one for their birthday.

    Family photos on canvas look wonderful in anyone’s home. Give your home a new look with a canvas photo print.

  • Photos on canvas, the perfect birthday gift, can be easily created thanks to canvas printing technology. A canvas print is a facet of canvas art which displays images across a stretched canvas which then wraps around a frame. Canvas art is easily displayed in an interior region with the use of customised photographs or paintings.

    Canvas prints have become increasingly popular through the integration of stock images or reproductions of artwork on canvas. While the print material remains cotton, many of the large canvas reprints measure 1.5 metres. With improved printing methods, many canvas prints can be printed directly onto any material, thus allowing artists to augment their photos or reproduced artwork and print it directly onto the media without diminishing any of the existing quality.

    While inexpensive cotton is often used to create the canvas, the use of pure white cotton allows for the colour representation to print with precision. After printing the image, the canvas can be stretched and stapled to the wooden panel through the use of stretcher bars wherein it is glued down and displayed. The use of solid pine for the wooden panel provides additional strength. If the printed image is meant to convey a traditional three dimensions often associated with the use of mounted canvas artwork, then the printed image is often wrapped around the edges in the full-bleed effect.

    Canvas prints have become a widely popular birthday gift idea for your home or for others. Thanks to the internet online photo to canvas creations can be ordered in minutes so there is no need to panic if you forgot about a certain birthday, or have just lacked the time to purchase a gift until the last minute. If you do not have a personal photo you want to print for the birthday photos on canvas you can select from a wide range of banksy street art converted to banksy canvas prints, or you can select from a wide range of vintage poster prints. You can also customise bus destination scrolls or tram scrolls from replica 1950s and 1960s signs, fitted with your personal wording.

    Nothing is more unique for a birthday present than personalised canvas photos, especially when you help your loved one remember their birthday with a personal photo. Canvas photos can also be divided into a photo collage so that multiple events can be combined to send a single message: happy birthday.

  • Buying someone a photo on canvas is an absolutely perfect present, if you weigh up what people most want when considering the perfect birthday or Christmas present, the criteria would usually be something like this:

    • The present will be something they can use
    • The present will be different to any other presents they might recieve
    • The present will be memorable
    • The present is something they will look at everyday and enjoy
    • The present is personal to their lives
    • The present is thoughtful
    • The present is affordable
    photo on canvas gift voucher

    Photo on canvas gift voucher

    A photo on canvas is all of these, we are a little biased but we feel that it is THE PERFECT PRESENT for any occasion. Be it fathers or mothers day, a birthday, a wedding, Christmas or even just a present to tell someone how much you care, you should alwasy consder buying them a unique, photo canvas gift.

    Here at Blue Horizon Printing we have just made it even easier for our customers to gift a canvas print to soemone special, we now offer gift vouchers in any denomination. These gift vouchers are easy to order on the site http://bluehorizonprints.com.au/ or by contacting us directly on photos@bluehorizonprinting.com.au

  • A canvas print poses a unique appeal to the onlookers. Everyone loves a canvas print as it introduces an element of magnificent grace to the room where it is put up. A photo to canvas print combines elements of classic and contemporary together to inspire a different kind of appeal. The advantages of a photo to canvas print are listed below.

    Canvas print

    Canvas print

    However, before deciding on photo canvas printing, make it sure that you are clear about certain points regarding it. Ensure that you are getting yourself a 100 percent cotton canvas mounted on a premium wooden frame. Also, make sure that the ink used in the canvas printing is of archival quality. The archival quality ink will ensure that the canvas print stays alive for decades at a stretch. Finally, check whether the canvas print is being sprayed with a UV resistant spray in the end. The combination of the UV resistant spray and the archival ink ensures the longevity of the digital photo canvas.

    A canvas print looks great

    Canvases have been traditionally associated with oil paintings. For this reason, when you print photos on canvas you actually attribute a classical charm to the photograph. You transform a simple photograph to a grand painting and the canvas becomes the focal point of attention at your home or office. The canvas print magnifies the effect of the photograph manifold and shows your taste for art. You can have prints of famous art works printed on canvas for this purpose. You can also convert a painting made by your own to a canvas print. The canvas art print can be customized to any shape depending on the space availability at your house.

    A canvas print is different

    A canvas print is different from a traditional photo paper print. Unlike a traditional photo paper print, a digital photo canvas is more expressive and vivid. The fine details of a real life photograph are transformed effectively to a stunning canvas print after adding the required effects from a photo editing software tool like adobe Photoshop. You can print any photos on canvas, and that includes photos of your own and your family members. You can even turn your portrait into an amazing pop art print. Besides photos of people, you can also print a natural landscape onto a canvas. It is an amazing experience to see a beautiful landscape photograph transformed to a magnificent canvas print.

    They are unique gift idea

    The trend of presenting a digital photo canvas as a special gift is fast catching up. They are indeed very special as they can be personalized to any extent. You can give the canvas art as a gift on a birthday, on a wedding anniversary or on a house warming occasion. You can present the canvas art gift to anyone, your spouse, your fiance, your children or your parents to show how much you really love them.

    It is affordable

    A photo to canvas print is not expensive at all. Printing your favourite photo onto canvas is now a very affordable or extremely personalised way of displaying those favourite holday photos or cherished family photos. Instead of paying $100 for a wooden frame a canvas print is already ready to hang straight on the wall, a good canvas printing company will have the prin t delivered with picture wire fitted and even protective pads on the base of the print to stop it rubbing against the wall.

    Here at Blue Horizon Printing we are experts at providing premium quality, very affordable canvas art. We deliver from Darwin to Tasmania to Perth in record time. Canvas prints to Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney can be delivered in as little as 2 days! Thats fast photo on canvas printing! Dont forget to we also offer free delivery, as standard!

  • Canvas Prints Online

    As we have mentioned before in other blogs we believe that printing a photo on canvas is a perfect and unique Christmas present idea. However they also make the best presents for almost any other occasion. You should consider a canvas print for:

    *Birthday presents – The neutrality of a photo on canvas print means that you can choose the photo to perfectly exactly match the level of relationship that you have with the recipient of the gift, you can pick the photo ranging from a special shared moment with your girlfriend right through to a wild night out with friends, a photo on canvas print can provide lasting memories.

    * Wedding gifts  Whether the bride and groom have just got married or the couple got married years ago, a digital print on canvas is a perfect present and will always be loved and talked about.  Go to their Flikr wedding album, get that fun photo of the two of them looking happy and in love, logon to www.bluehorizonprinting.com.au upload the photo or email us at photos@bluehorizonprinting.com.au a week later they will be hanging their photo on canvas on the wall. Now that is a thoughtful present!

    * Retirement presents  you can surprise a long-standing member of staff by presenting them with a canvas print. A well chosen canvas print will immortalize the memory and provide a long lasting present that can be proudly displayed at home. Sourcing the perfect image and then using photo printing on canvas to create a retirement gift that  out of the ordinary makes their departure memorable and special.

    * New baby gifts  One of the most popular styles of photo that we print on canvas is those of new born babies. Taking a great new baby picture and printing it onto canvas is the perfect way to celebrate a new life and makes a lasting memory of a special moment in time.A baby photo on canvas is a great gift for those members of the family that live far away and cant see the new baby as much as they would like, Nan and granddads for example would love a canvas print.

    * Housewarming gifts  Set yourself apart from the crowd when selecting a house warming present, dont bother with the sandwich maker or coffee machine. Photo printing on canvas allows you to give them something special  a landscape print of the nearby beach they have moved to or favourite holiday photo will be a present that will be used, it will take pride of place in their living room and they will remember that you gave it to them.

    Next time you are looking to buy a unique, well priced present look no further than a photo on canvas. Call us on 1300 632 332 or logon to www.bluehorizonprinting.com.au .

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    Keep your eyes one for our bumper promotions to pick up cheap but quality canvas prints online.

    These are just another way that we help look after our customers and keep them coming back to print photos on canvas.

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  • A question we often get asked by our customers is what wrap is best for my photo on canvas? In this article we all shed some light on the choices available and how to make this decision.

    A wrap, border or bleed are all names for the edge of your stretched canvas print. This is the 3.5cm edge of the canvas that Eœwraps around the wooden stretcher frame. Making the right choice of wrap will have a big impact on your photo on canvas.

    Blue Horizon Printing offers 5 standard choices plus more if required. These are: Blur wrap, Gallery wrap, Mirror wrap, Plain wrap (white or black). See below for a picture of all 5 styles.

    Choices of wrap for canvas print

    Choices of wrap for canvas print

    A Gallery wrap uses the image itself to wrap around the frame. Using a Gallery wrap means that you will lose part of the image as it will wrap around the edges of the print. This means that if you have detail at the edge of a canvas that you dont want to lose from the front of the image then this is probably not the right choice for you.

    A mirror wrap is the answer to this problem as it ‘mirrors’ or copies the last 3.5cm of the image and duplicates it around the edge of the canvas print. This work extreemly well in many instances but can occasionally be the wrong choice. (dont worry – we wouldnt actually print an image that looks like the one below, we would inform the customer that it is the wriong choice).

    The image below shows an example of a bad and good mirror wrap:

    bad gallery wrap

    bad gallery wrap

    Good Mirror wrapAs you can see, the boys face has been ‘mirrored’ around the edge of the canvas print border and has caused the print to look ‘distorted’. Dont worry – we wouldnt actually print an image that looks like the one below, we would inform the customer that it is the wrong choice and advise on a better choice.

    The fern canvas print however mirrors the fern fronds and looks great, if this had been a regular gallery wrap a lot of the fern would have been lost around the edges.

    Another very popular option is the blur wrap, this is a good choice when neither the gallery or mirrored wrap can be used (often in portrait photography for example). The blurred edge does exactly what the name implies and uses the colours near the edge of the border asnd blurs them into the picture. It is a good alternative to simply keeping the edges plain.

    Last but not least you can choose to keep the borders plain white or black (or if you let us know we can offer other colours such as reds, greens etc). The plain wrap is effective for classic reproductions for artwork, for example most of the modern art we offer on the website uses plain white or black borders.

    The final decision is always our customers but we are happy to help you make up your mind. If we feel that the wrap choice you have made isnt the right one then we are happy to let our customers know which we believe is a better choice.

    Visit us at http://bluehorizonprints.com.au or contact us directly at photos@bluehorizonprinting.com.au or  1300 632 332.

  • Kids photo on canvas

    Kids photo on canvas

    Have you been stuck recently trying to buy a present for someone that has pretty much anything you can think of? Are you bored of sending (and receiving) the same presents, things that you arent even sure if they want?

    If this is the case then we have the solution to your problems right here. A photo on canvas makes the best possible present. It is a thoughtful and personalised present that shows you ,have actually taken the time to think about what they will want, you have found a photo that either brings back great memories or will just look great in their home or office. I have NEVER spoken to someone that has received a photo on canvas and NOT been happy!

    For Fathers day, a photo of his grandchildren making a mess of their dinner or playing in the garden will be absolutely loved and make the best Fathers day present he could imagine. The Canvas print will on the wall within a day of him receiving it! The perfect Mothers Day present would be a photo of your parents on their wedding day transformed into a unique work of art, delivered ready to hang straight onto the wall.

    Picture the scene, its Christmas day, your Gran is opening a large flat parcel wrapped up in colourful wrapping paper, she opens it and it a photo of you and all your siblings when you were young, see the smile spread across her face. Now that is a present she wasn expecting that will not be discarded to the bottom of the cupboard in a few days.

    Why buy your sister a camera that she may or may not use when instead you could instead have a photo of her dog EœBruno transformed into a colourful Andy Warhol Style Pop art portrait, a photo of a young child or even a dog can make sensational Warhol style pop art using the traditional Marilyn Monroe pop art styles or more modern bright colours and styles.

    Ordering your photo on canvas could not be any easier; to place your order simply logon to http://bluehorizonprints.com.au/ and use the ordering system, upload your photo, select the size and shape, pay for the order and you are done, the whole order will take just 5 minutes. One week later your photo on canvas will be at your door, ready to hang straight on the wall!

    We also offer a massive range of canvas art prints ranging from amazing photos of Sydney beaches through to our replica 1950tram and bus scroll art, these vintage banner artworks add a classical feel to any modern home or office and are the latest in home decor.

  • DV1091002

    Getting your photo on canvas has never been easier? Digital art has changed the way we create photos and getting your photo on canvas has never been easier. Digital art involves many aspects which touch on technology. Applications such as Photoshop, CorelDraw and many other imaging software have revolutionised the world of photography. Gone are the days when we had to take photos with film roll, hand them in for developing and in the process lose many of them because of either under or over exposure or simply because the shot just isnt nearly as good in reality as it looked to you at the time. You should try a digital canvas prints  http://www.bluehorizonprints.com.au/

    The other aspect of getting your photo on canvas is finding the right photo studio for developing your photos. Digital media has removed the need for this. You can either use a digital camera to directly take photos and upload them to a website specializing in digital art or you can scan old photos. Scanners are now available along with printers and are quite cheap. The scanning process is also very simple. By having your own digital photos can also allow you to quickly touch them up by using contrast/brightness or other color correction tools.

    Getting your photo on canvas has never been easier due to one more important reason: online web facilities. You can now get your photos on canvas by simply uploading them to a suitable provider. At Blue Horizon Printing we even provide full suite of services, beginning with photo enhancement, touching up and printing on canvas. We will only print your canvas when we are happy with it. Once we are happy, we dry your canvas, laminate it to protect the inks and finally mount it on solid kiln dried stretcher bars. All these facilities have made getting your photo on canvas much easier.

    The really exciting possibility is getting photos on canvas delivered as gifts to your friends and loved ones. You can upload the relevant photos and order to get them printed on canvas. They can then be delivered as gifts directly. Imagine the surprise and joy on the face of the person who receives this gift on their birthday! There can be nothing more rewarding than watching the pleasure which such gifts gives to people. If you are wondering about the cost then you need not worry. Photos on canvas dont cost much. In fact they are quite cheap when compared with other gift ideas. The cost varies depending on the size and quality of the canvas print. If your requirement for digital services is extensive, it may cost you a bit more. Overall, under normal circumstances the cost of getting photos on canvas is quite low and reasonable, http://www.bluehorizonprints.com.au/canvas-prints-sydney.

    The internet has been the biggest blessing for any photo enthusiasts. Not only can you get digital canvas art done easily online, you can also get it printed on various media as well as on canvas. You can choose from a variety of providers online whose services may vary from routine to highly specialized. In fact you are spoilt for choice. Getting your photo on canvas has never been easier and more exciting.

    This article was written by Blue Horizon Prints and hopefully has been of some use to you, check out our site on

    Photos on canvas, & Giclee art and canvas prints, Adelaide, Glenelg, Barossa Valley, Angle Vale, Brighton, Warradale,Innaloo,Kensington gardens, North Plympton, Airds, Sheidow Park, Highbury, Helensvale, Bowral, Mount Colah, Andy warhol Pop art.

  • Canvas art or your photo on canvas?

    Vietnam 068

    When people talk about Art what usually comes to mind are paintings and sketches. Nowadays the good news is you can create your own art even if you aren able to paint or draw, with digital technology you can print your photos on canvas creating your own personalised artwork. Many of us are creative but not all of us can draw or paint. You any have portraits, family snap shots, favourite locations, beautiful sunrises or shots of your favourite pet made into great quality canvas prints. A canvas need not mean a huge monster size wall hanger. It can be small and fit on your bathroom wall, It can also form a part of your home or office decoration, the canvases are available in almost any size and a surprising numbers of shapes!

    Getting a photo on canvas made could not be any easier, with www.bluehorizonprinting.com.au you can now order the canvas prints online, selecting your personal preferences such as what colour wrap (border) you would like, then finish the order and a great quality canvas at even better prices will be delivered within just a few days, no matter where you are in Australia or New Zealand. We cater for any personal preferences and can create a canvas in any colour or style to suit even the most artistic or unusual requirements.

    At Blue Horizon Printing, we offer two major services, we can print your photo on canvas and we sell a great range of creative, unique artwork. Take a look at our gallery to see our great ranges, the split canvases are really popular and can make any large wall look fantastic, alternatively if you want a more personalised canvas print you can select one of our retro or Andy Warhol designs to give your photo that Austin powers look! http://www.bluehorizonprints.com.au/pop-art

    Canvas prints are no longer expensive, personalised canvas art can be bought at a fraction of the price of art from most galleries. Check out the price of the artwork in most galleries then compare this to our prices and you will quickly see that our canvas prints make fantastic presents or great additions to furnish any room. Whether it is a birthday, Wedding day, Fathers or Mothers Day, New Year or Christmas (We have so many reasons to celebrate!) Photos on canvas serve as ideal gifts for one and all. Simply put on your thinking cap, dust and take out your photos, upload them to canvas online and there you have a master piece art work with you. Be proud to show off those memories. http://www.bluehorizonprints.com.au/gifts-for-dad