1. Pop art is so vast and encompassing that it’s difficult to discuss just one aspect of it. It stretches across movies, celebrities, artists, musicians, sports styles and goes on and on and on. But we’ve got it all covered—in our extensive gallery you’ll find iconic star wars art, Godfather pop art, film art, and artwork displaying celebrity icons like Audrey Hepburn or Marilyn Monroe. Our selection is almost limitless, but if you have a specific creation in mind or would like to have your favourite actors or actresses displayed in a different style, don’t hesitate to contact one of our representatives for details on how to create or customise your masterpiece.

    Whatever you choose you can be sure that your icon pop art will look great in any room. Just imagine how many friends or family members will enter and immediately be drawn to an Audrey Hepburn canvas art piece, or the sheer number of people who will read an all too familiar line from the Godfather pop art piece in their best impression of Brando or Pacino. Or the group of sports enthusiasts who will gather to admire Ali in one of his many moments that stunned the boxing world. Icon pop art can speak volumes about your personality, so why not get a stunning piece of canvas art to show that aspect of you that only art can.

    Blue Horizon Prints ensures quality you can trust. All of our pieces are printed using premium grade UV resistant inks and printed on your choice of stretched canvas or unstretched canvas, using either archival poly-cotton canvas or 100% cotton canvas. All of our prints are coated in laminate to maximise protection and keep colours rich while minimising any unwanted glossy sheen. You also get to select from a wide variety of wrap styles so that you can design the perfect print just the way you want it so that it fits your unique sense of style and personal décor. With so many options you’re sure to find just what you want.

    We’re so sure you’ll love our canvas prints that we offer a 100% money back guarantee. This, along with free shipping anywhere in Australia and the United Kingdom, makes Blue Horizon Prints the one stop shop to get your favourite icon pop art. There’s no need to spend more time searching online, not when you have so many fine selections right at your fingertips. Order today, order with confidence.

  • It seems to be human nature, especially when the world seems difficult and problems abound, to look back longingly on the past. Some of us will be nostalgic for periods of time when life seemed simpler or more natural, while others will reflect on happy events that occurred to them previously. One of the best ways to evoke a feeling of nostalgia in your home is with the use of Vintage Posters from Blue Horizon Prints. There is an air of innocence about these fine reproductions, regardless of their subject, and their realistic, yet uncomplicated execution make these canvas prints a positive addition to your dwelling.

    The late 19th and early 20th Centuries produced some of the finest poster art ever. Artists such as Alphonse Mucha created a series of perfectly drawn and colored posters to serve as advertisements to encourage travel to Monaco and Monte Carlo (http://www.bluehorizonprints.com.au/canvas_art/13/157/product_details/), to call attention to Bec Auer Lamps, or even blueing to add to the wash in the Bleu Deschamps poster. Perhaps the most wonderful thing about Mucha’s posters is that even the most mundane of subjects, such as doing the family wash, is transformed into a credible work of art. These posters, with their subtle colors and decorative lettering add beauty and a remembrance of things past.

    Travel posters from decades ago offer us a glimpse into a time when travel was more glamourous and seemed more elegant. Such travel posters as those for Jamaica, Palermo, Genoa, and Hawaii all add color and a touch of the exotic to your walls. They would be appropriate for every room in the home. While the time of travelling overseas on large steamships and driving elegant vehicles may be passed, we can still enjoy a touch of that era with these travel posters. You might also enjoy having an invitation to the Panama Carnival or the Oberland Shooting Festival as a room accent.

    Because the folks at Blue Horizon Prints understand how important quality is to their customers, they spare no effort to make sure that the Vintage Poster prints you order from them are as perfect as is humanly possible. In order to make sure that each print is as true to the artist’s artwork as possible, the original poster is scanned – they do not use a ‘second hand’ copy. Because color is paramount in the Vintage print, Epson inks are used. You will have your choice of having your poster printed either on canvas or on paper. A range of sizes is also available.

    All of the Vintage Posters, as with all of Blue Horizon Prints, are produced right in Australia by skilled artisans. Your poster, as per your directions, will be on its way to you within 3 days, and you’ll be happy to learn that not only is shipping free in the land of Oz, but throughout the entire UK.

  • Due to popular demand Blue Horizon Prints has now launched its Movie Poster canvas print range.  We now offer the largest range of film posters on canvas in Australia. The collection ranges from the very latest movies such as ‘Avatar’ and ‘Sex’ and the city movie posters through to some classic vintage movie posters from great movies such as ‘North by North West’ and ‘Casablanca’.

    Breakfast at Tiffany's smMany of these vintage movie posters are absolutely timeless and look great as canvas prints mounted on pine frames, this modern take on the traditional movie poster has a great effect and transforms a tatty film poster into a unique artwork. The movie poster prints are a cheap but quality way to furnish a wall indicating style and taste while keeping on a budget. You aren’t paying a premium to commission new artwork.

    The vintage prints are great for decorating bars, restaurants as they are memoirs of bygone eras; they look great and make good talking points. The classical look has a massive appeal to all ages. A film or movie poster is also a good way to get a good image of your favourite celebrity on a canvas print.

    If you can’t see the movie poster you want then we can probably get it, just email us on photos@bluehorizonprinting.com.au

    The movie posters are printed on museum quality, archival canvas, we offer both 430gsm poly-cotton canvas and the 100% cotton 390gsm canvas depending on the requirement. Both are premium quality. They are printed on wide format Epson printers using ultrachrome UV resistant inks to protect the ink from fading and scratching.

    Here are just some of the Movie posters we offer:Frankenstein sm


    Cool Hand Luke




    Creature from the black lagoon

    Raiders of the Lost Arc

    The Exorcist



    The GodfatherHow to Train your Dragon sm

    Iron Man

    Star wars

    Rebel without a cause


    Dirty Harry

    Breakfast at Tiffany’s


    Dirty Dancing


    Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid

    Star WarsKing Kong sm

    How to train your Dragon


    King Kong

    Taxi Driver

    The Endless Summer

    Jailhouse Rock

    Mad Max

    Clockwork Orange

    The Great Escape

    E.TSex and the City Movie Poster sm

    Apocalypse Now

    Mickey Mouse

    On the Waterfront


    A street Car named Desire

    The Dark Knight

    Blade Runner

    Full Metal Jacket

    The Good, the Bad & the Ugly


    The Graduate

    Pulp Fiction


    Deer Hunter

    Singin’ in the Rain

    E.T Movie Poster smClockwork Orange Movie Poster smApocalypse Now Poster sm

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