1. Art has always evolved and used the latest techniques in order to inspire not only the artist themselves but those gazing up at the painting, sculpture or other work of art. In many ways, art is on and always will be on the cutting edge of technology. With the way art uses the latest equipment in order to produce the desired information, very few other services and sectors do this. With digital art, a vast majority of it is now created in a computer system. Whether part of the art originates off of the computer and is then imported into the system, or if it is all designed from scratch, digital art uses some rather amazing techniques in order to produce the desired affect the artist is going after.

    For starters, digital art often uses a computer program to create and render the desired look and feel. There are many different Adobe titles that allow you to do this. Some of the very best programs include Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. Adobe Photoshop is geared more towards photo editing, although it is possible to do just about anything visually with the software. Whether it is creating a brand new image or taking information that already exists and converting it into something else, Photoshop is rather impressive. Illustrator, on the other hand, is designed for animation and other still images. It is possible to upload an image into the program, even a completed Photoshop image, but for the most part, Illustrator is used to create stand-alone information. These tools have wide applications in the art industry for example companies specializing in printing canvas photos will use Photoshop to make the colours of a photo more vibrant and correct imperfections in the photos such as ‘red eye’.

    Digital tracking boards allow artists to take a stylus in order to draw information directly onto the computer screen. Essentially, it becomes their canvas in order to produce the desired information in order to complete the look and feel of the image or other digital art. These devices are incredibly useful and give the artist an unlimited amount of paper and canvasses.

    Nothing is able to replace the digital camera. Digital cameras are very important when it comes to digital art. Whether it is a portrait of an individual or just random images from around town built into a collage on the computer in order to produce the desired effect, digital cameras are essential for many forms of digital art and the world would not be the same without this kind of digital equipment, as just about everyone now uses one, in some shape or form.


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  • We all love photographs

    Every household loves photographs. We take photographs of our family members, we take photographs of ourselves, we take photographs of friends and colleagues, and we take photographs to commemorate different occasions. Photographs have long since been a decorative item at our homes and offices. We depend on photographs to aid to our memory of different occasions and to our connection with different people in our lives. When we reprint the photos on canvas, we manifold magnify this appeal of the photographs.

    Moreover, the advanced camera techniques of our times have made the photographic experience even more sublime.

    Vibrant images

    A canvas is traditionally associated with a painting. When we print digital photos on canvas, we imbue the qualities of a painting to the photographs. The digital photo canvas combines the elements of classical painting with contemporary digital photography and as a result, a stunning effect is created.

    When digital photography is transformed to canvas art, the texture of the canvas adds a traditional depth to the photographs and the photographs become even more expressive. The aesthetic appeal of the photographs also get highlighted even more by the canvas printing method.


    The reproductions of photos on canvas are high on the elegance parameter. Canvas creates a traditional charm and a classical appeal that is difficult to miss. It creates the impression of an original oil painting. The fine craftsmanship and the grandiose feeling of a canvas print makes it a thoughtful experience in the minds of the onlooker.

    If you are an art lover, you can also print reproductions of famous artworks on a canvas and give your house or office a vintage feel. The grand elegance of the creations of classical masters is expressed adequately in such canvas art prints.

    The process

    There has been considerable advancement in modern printing technologies, with the introduction of high quality inkjet printing methods. Printing machines nowadays can directly reproduce photos on canvas from digital cameras or from camera memory cards. The printing methods like dye saturation techniques has made it certain that the prints fuse with the canvas substrate vividly without distorting the color balance of the photographs.

    The higher qualities of the digital cameras used nowadays and the different photo editing tools have made the process even more perfect. With these photo-editing tools, any flaw in the photographs can be adequately rectified before they are put up for canvas printing. Furthermore, the photo editing tools are also used to add effects to the photographs. In fact, the advanced photographic mediums have allowed a greater scope of experimentation with the photographs and thereby making the photo to canvas experience a much more creative one.

    After the canvas printing has been done, the photo is coated with a UV resistant finishing material to give the photographs a lacquered finish. Moreover, this final coating also protects the canvas prints from the effects of moisture and direct sunlight. The end-product is stretched on a wooden frame to generate the impression of  frame-mounted oil paintings.

  • What exactly is Digital Art?

    Since times immemorial, art has been considered as something produced physically by the artist, be it a drawing, painting or sculpture. However, with change in technology, art has also undergone a sea change and has now expanded much farther than just drawings and paintings to include various other forms of creative production such as computer generated designs.

    Digital art, also sometimes known as computer art or multimedia art, is defined as an artistic conception created using digital technology.

    Good quality art is not merely about the tools used for its creation; rather it is about the vision and creativity of the artist. Art is a medium through which an artist displays his emotions. Thus, digital art is just like any other art, the only difference being that it is produced using contemporary tools. In the case of digital art, a computer is the medium through which an artist puts forth his idea of colours, lines and composition.

    Various Forms of Digital Art

    Digital art basically falls into three different categories, i.e digital photography, digital painting and algorithmic art. There are a few sub-categories as well and the artist enjoys the freedom to merge any of the popular techniques to create his own vision.

    1. Digital Photography: One of the most popular forms of digital art, it involves the artist taking pictures through a digital camera and then transferring it onto a computers hard-disk. The pictures are then edited using a photo editing software to add special effects.
    2. Digital Painting: Just as in traditional painting, digital painting also makes use of watercolour, impasto etc. with the major difference being that these are applied with the help of computer software.

    3-dimensional digital painting is a technique in which the artist uses modeling software to create beautiful sculptures in a virtual environment.

    1. Digital Collage: Collage is a blend of a number of images, arranged in a pleasing and meaningful manner. A collage can be created using the layering feature in an image editing software. A collage can sometimes contain x-rays or other such images, which are not otherwise visible to the human eye.
    2. Integrated Art: Integrated digital art is created by combining various digital art techniques to attain the desired results. There are umpteen possibilities in this type of art and the results depend on the vision and creativity of the artist.
    3. Photopainting: As the name suggests, this form combines the art of photography and painting to achieve the desired results. Both image editing and painting software are used in this method.

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  • The popularity of digital art is increasing every year as the technology required is increasingly becoming readily available to everyone. Once the domain of graphic designers or artists such as Andy Warhol is now becoming a common way to create artwork. No other medium would let you erase 100 times, without harming your canvas in the slightest.

    This article will explain the different styles of digital art and will discuss each category in a little detail to help clear up some of the confusion. Anyone new to digital art will no doubt have encountered terms such as Eœvector -EœPixel or Eœmixed media art but may well have not been able to access a clear explanation. As is always the way with art, there is always some interpretation and the way I have chosen to categorise the art styles might not suit everyone.

    Digital art can be divided into 5 main styles, Mixed Media, Vector, Fractal, Digital Painting and Pixel.

    Mixed media or integradigital-art 01ted art

    Since the arrival of Photoshop in the 90s, mixed media or integrated art has been rolled out to the masses. Mixed media is exactly what its name suggests; it is the merging of many art styles such as painting, photography, drawing and digital. Using programs such as Photoshop artists are able to combine these art forms with often amazing results. One popular style of mixed media is art , led by the Andy Warhol portrait styles that consist of using a computer program to add bright colours to the image and often align multiple panels together to form blocks of 4 or 9 images in different colours. Mixed Media is often seen in digital abstract art.

    Vector art

    One of the most popular digital art techniques, a better term for it might be “vector-based art,” meaning art created using a vector-based program such as Illustrator or Freehand or Corel Draw. The artist uses vector drawing software and creates the image totally in a virtual environment. The style makes use of shapes which are outlined and can be filled with various colors and patterns; this usually produces a harder edged or graphic look. The signature flat colours and clean lines are easy to spot and quick to grab attention making them popular with advertisers looking to get the attention of the public.

    fractal artFractal

    Fractal art has been around for a while but is seeing resurgence of late. Examples of fractals can be found in the natural world however in terms of digital art it is art created entirely using mathematical formulae; they are infinite in their ability to be viewed in ever increasing detail. The closer you look the more detail there is, as you zoom into the image. Fractal art is usually created using fractal generating software, the program has three main phases: setting parameters of appropriate fractal software, executing the possibly lengthy calculation and evaluating the product.

    Digital Painting

    Digital painting is an art form in which traditional painting techniques such as watercolor, oils, impasto, etc are applied using digital software. Digital painting is different to many other forms of digital art in that it is created without using a template or computer generated model. The artist uses painting techniques to create the digital painting directly onto the computer. The digital art software program uses traditional techniques such as brush strokes and colour blending to mimic the physical media. Styles available are increasingly diversified but include pastels, watercolour, oils, charcoals and acrylic to name just a few.


    In amongst all these ground breaking digital art forms Pixel art a resurgence of old school pixel techniques is proudly celebrating the humble beginnings of computer art. It is a retro digital art style that is making a comeback. When seen, most people immediately remember their old commodore 64 or Atari graphics, indeed these old computers and video games all use pixel technology. Pixel art is drawn pixel by pixel in minute detail usually using a very limited colour palette and primitive computer graphics tools. One of the more popular programs is Microsoft Paint, this program hasn’t been updated for years however it is a perfectly suitable tool for creating pixel art.

    Blue Horizon Prints proudly sells some great examples of many of these digital art styles. Take a look at http://www.bluehorizonprints.com.au/canvas-art-brisbane/

  • Photos on canvas are a novel way of displaying photos: however there is an involved process to be understood. This article will hopefully shed some light on what exactly is involved.

    _DSF5410When someone thinks of printing their photos, the first thing that usually springs to mind is photo paper and the choice of glossy or matte. Sometimes people are creative and choose borders and even blow up the image for different frames. However the fact is, printing photos doesn’t get more exciting than that right, or does it?? There’s an exciting medium that is coming back into vogue. It can’t be called new because it’s actually older than film; this new medium is canvas. Printing digital photos on canvas can make a picture really stand out and look beautiful. It has a unique quality to it that will often become a talking point, they also has a very long life span.

    One of the primary reasons for this sudden popularity is the dawn of the digital age where most people now has access to a camera that can take high resolution photos and a computer to save and send them. Combine this with the large format printers now on the market and it forms a winning combination. Its never been easier to print photos on canvas.

    When a digital photo is put on canvas, it is sealed with a water resistant sealant or laminate, and then it is hand stretched around a wooden bar that is just over an inch deep. Though art has been produced and portrayed on canvas worldwide in museums and personal homes alike for decades, it is only relatively recently that photographers thought to print digital photos on canvas. A photo on canvas is timeless, the classic quality of a good memory captured and displayed for eternity.

    Not only can digital photos be printed on canvas, but they can also be tweaked and improved in a number of other cool ways such as making them black and white, taking away red eye, cropping away any unwanted aspects of the image, enlarging, or editing any damage. Printed photos don’t last very long, the quality of the image rapidly deteriorates, even a well stored photo will suffer, generally sunlight does a lot of damage to pictures out in frames, or just the same wear and tear that happens to everything. Canvas photos on the other hand can last a hundred years with proper care. Canvas can be treated with chemicals to ward off unseen yet dangerous UV rays to prevent fading and have a water resistant coating. They can even be wiped with a damp cloth to remove any dirty marks.

    As with printing photos on paper, printing digital photos on canvas requires that the picture be the correct size and resolution. A photo of low resolution will not be sharp and be a bit blurry or pixilated, which even on a beautiful canvas just won’t look as good as a sharp photo. As the size of canvas increases, it is important that image resolution increase as well. Along with resolution, it’s also a smart idea to pick wisely what digital photo will be printed on to canvas. Since it is lovely, long lasting gift, put some effort and thought into the pictures being selected. Remember that sunrise and sunset allow for the best lighting for most outdoor photography and use that to your advantage to take a beautiful digital photo transcribed on to a timeless canvas to be cherished for decades to come. http://www.bluehorizonprints.com.au/canvas-art-brisbane/

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    Everyone wants their home and place of business to look a little nicer. There are many different ways to improve the look and feel of the places we live and work. For example, you could paint the walls, get new furniture or purchase other decorations. It is my belief that the best value for money when it comes to decorations is the purchase of a photo printed on canvas.

    Canvas printed photos add extra class and elegance to any home or place of business. You can send pictures of absolutely anything you like to canvas printing business such as Blue Horizon Printing, and their professional printers will transfer your photos onto canvas. Considering the end product, having this done is usually excellent value and will give your photos a painting-like look and feel.

    Although some people believe that printing photos on canvas Sydney does not produce a good end result, they are mistaken. The inks used in the printing process bleed in to the canvas to create an authentic painting appearance. In reality, the photos are in fact painted onto the canvas. The only difference is that the process is done by computers rather than by hand.

    Canvas printing businesses will usually mount your products onto a wooden frame for you. This results in a final product having a pop-out appearance. This will instantly make your photos appear much classier than a standard, flat photograph that you may have hanging on your living room wall.

    The best quality of photos printed on canvas would have to be the texture of the canvas itself. Canvas has a rougher surface than your typical photo paper and even a photo of poor quality will be instantly transformed into an artistic masterpiece. The texture of canvas prints really adds something extra to your photos and makes them look far better than they already are. Whether it is a poster designed to motivate your office employees, or a beautiful landscape shot to hang above your sofa, you really can’t go past the uniqueness of canvas prints.

    An excellent benefit of canvas photo prints is the extra confidence boost that they can transfer to your employees. While things, such as new furniture, will make an office look a little nicer, it is also considered a necessity for the workplace. However, canvas prints are something extra and their high-quality appearance is certain to create an extra sense of success in the workplace. Photos on canvas have an eloquent feel that will place thoughts in your employees minds such as, “things must be going good for the company to purchase such works of art.

    Although it is unnecessary to inspire such confidence in your home, photos on canvas are a great way to impress your visitors. Your sense of style will be awe-inspiring to your friends and family and will have them believing that you are more than capable of successfully decorating a home. We are specialists in canvas art Perth.