1. As every artist knows, it is more expensive and challenging to paint on canvas than on paper. That is why most artists practice on paper and progress to canvas when they have mastered their craft. As a result, most of the world’s great paintings are on canvas, even though they require special care. What do we mean?

    Canvas is a material that must be stretched upon a wooden frame in order to preserve the work of art. This means that part of the canvas will extend beyond the stretcher. If the painting is not stretched when you purchase or receive it, you must have it done by a professional in order to protect it from harm. Never attempt to remove or trim off excess canvas, as that can and often will devalue the painting.

    Regular maintenance

    Unlike paintings on paper, works on canvas are not vulnerable to acidity, which means they need not be protected by a pane of glass. The most serious threat to these paintings is that they’ll be punctured by something if left uncovered. In other words, you must be careful around these paintings and keep the kids at bay.

    On occasion, canvas artwork may wrinkle or become baggy, often due to dry weather that shrinks the stretcher bars and prevents them from doing their job. When this occurs, you can either insert artist’s stretcher wedges, which should tighten them up, or spray water on the back of the painting. Just be careful not to soak it and disperse the water evenly.  If you have any question about this procedure, leave it to a professional, since improper application could harm the canvas.

    wedding photo on canvasOil vs. acrylic

    As with every other endeavor, there is a constant battle between the old and the new.  Oil paintings have been around for hundreds of years and they are considered by many serious artists to be the only medium that matters. Acrylics, on the other hand, are a comparatively new medium that has gained a loyal followings in short order. Widely accepted by the cognoscenti, acrylics are now considered a stable art medium. Both oils and acrylics require different types and levels of care.


    There’s a reason why most of the masterpieces created during the Renaissance have since been restored several times. Works like the immortal Mona Lisa are oil paintings, which can fade and crack and become flaky over time. Most of these issues occur because the works are placed in direct sunlight or next to a heat source. When properly maintained, oil paintings can last for centuries without noticeable degradation.


    If you walk into any modern art gallery, odds are most of the paintings on the walls contain acrylic paint. Although they do not appear to age as rapidly as oil paintings and they are less susceptible to the elements, acrylics are not invulnerable.  Their main weakness is that they tend to hold electrostatic charges, which means they attract dust like a magnet. This problem can be prevented if you put the work of art behind glass.

    One thing that you should never do is use cleaning agents to try to remove dust and debris. These solutions can seriously damage acrylics, oftentimes irreparably. Instead, use a feather duster or a dish towel to carefully clean the surface on a regular basis.

    Although less susceptible to heat than oil paintings, the acrylic variety should be kept at a safe distance from heat sources such as fire places, radiators, and stoves, of course. The damage that can be done by heat is rarely to the actual acrylics, but to the canvas itself.

    Basic tips

    If you decide to leave either type of painting exposed, .i.e., uncovered by glass, understand that both are pressure sensitive. Canvas is an extremely soft material that can be damaged or dented if it is poked or scratched.  So, if you have pets or children in your home, make sure you hang these paintings far enough off the floor so that they cannot touch them.

    You should also avoid leaning a canvas painting against a wall or a piece of furniture. As sturdy as they may appear, the wooden frames that keep them in place are quite sensitive. After all, they are designed to hang on walls, not sit on floors. When you lean them up against anything for an extended period, there’s a good chance that the frame will be damaged and may get wobbly. This will inhibit its ability to properly stretch the canvas, which may result in wrinkling.


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  • So you are trying to buy gifts for dad and even though you’ve asked him one hundred times he still tells you that he, doesn’t want anything, a card is enough or save your money. Whether you are looking for father’s day, his birthday or Christmas you want to get your dad a present to show how much he means to you.

    personalised art, customsed canvas printsFathers are especially difficult to buy for; they usually keep their cards close to their chest and their pragmatic personalities give little away. They’re usually not the type of people to talk about what things they want and especially not with their children.

    The good news is that there are many great gifts for dad out there it just takes a little bit of thought and research to find them. You will know what your dad enjoys, the types of movies he likes, his favourite actor and his favourite band and you can use this information to get him a piece of great canvas art. Ordering wall art online is the new way of buying a gift for a father who is difficult to buy for. It’s a gift he won’t expect and something he is sure to be surprised by.

    Modern Art Prints

    Blue Horizon Prints are specialists at producing high quality and low cost prints and photographs on canvas. Their huge collection of prints is sure to have something that you dad will love or if you want to send something really special then why not have a photograph that is personal to your dad presented on 100% cotton canvas.

    Tamarama Panorama canvasThere are prints for classic rock bands, vintage movie posters, abstract art and much more to choose from. Whatever you dad enjoys there will be something in the catalogue for him.

    Or why not have a family photograph taken with your digital camera, send the photograph to Blue Horizon Prints and have them blow it up and make it a piece of wall art. When your dad opens up his present and sees that you have taken the time to get him a really special gift he will be overjoyed with the outcome. Bluehorizonprints.com.au prides its self on using on the finest quality materials and making their canvases affordable to anyone. Their catalogue of prints is vast ensuring that there is a piece of canvas art to suit all personalities and home decor. Finding great gifts for dad can be very difficult, make it simple with wall art.

  • caring for your canvas printThe first step in caring for your canvas print is to avoid handling it unnecessarily. Fingerprints are unsightly and the oils and dirt from your hands can leave unpleasant marks on your artwork. Perhaps more importantly, the more often your canvas print is handled, the more likely it is to be dropped. The wooden frame is held under the correct tension to make the corners perfectly square  repeated impact could upset this alignment and damage your print. Moreover, the canvas itself might be scratched or punctured in a collision with furniture if it is being moved regularly  it is better to chose your display location carefully in the first instance and securely fix it to the wall. Should it be taken down for any length of time, do not place any items on top of or underneath the print, which might leave impressions on the canvas surface.

    Cleaning is also important in maintaining the appearance of your canvas print and in most cases it should be sufficient to dust the surface with a clean, soft, dry cloth. This should be done regularly, to ensure your print always looks its best. If even a thin layer of dust is able to build on the surface of the print, it will begin to impact the overall quality of the image, reducing the sharpness and brightness of the colour print. It is also recommended to hold your print in place whilst dusting it, to prevent it being knocked off the wall and damaged in that way. Should the canvas be marked, which can happen in high traffic areas, lightly dampen a soft cloth and very gently rub the affected area to lift the stain. Do not over-moisten the cloth and always work slowly and methodically.

    Moisture can affect your canvas print  the materials involved are canvas and wood, both of which are easily damaged with water. Constant exposure to humidity could potentially cause the kiln-dried wooden frame to warp and the canvas to loosen and sag, which would severely impact the appearance of your canvas print. In addition, high levels of humidity can foster an environment in which mould and mildew could flourish. Even tiny patches of this on your canvas print would ruin its appearance. For most people, this should not be a problem   sufficient ventilation and air flow in the room would prevent either mould or mildew being able to damage your canvas print.

    Finally, you should protect your canvas print from direct sunlight. Whether you use wooden blinds or other window coverings to shield the windows where your artwork is displayed, or simply choose a shadier spot to show it off, this is a very important step. Although UV resistant inks and high quality materials may be used, it is recommended you give your canvas print some extra protection from constant exposure to damaging UV rays. Over time, exposure to this could potentially dull and fade your print and you want it to look its best for many years to come.

    If you are looking for a perfect, personalised gift for any occasion from an anniversary gift idea to a wedding present then look no further than our sister site, Beyond a Word, home of personalised art in Australia.

  • When we moved into our first house, one of our most prized possessions – a large canvas painting we received as a wedding present – was also the hardest to pack. Our canvas had more sentimental value than market value, but we still wanted to ensure its safe travel. In our case, preparing our painting for transport was a project that involved yards of bubble wrap and towels. It survived the short car trip unscathed, but here are some better ways to safeguard your artwork.

    broken artworkProtective Wrap

    Although canvas is somewhat durable, it can still be scratched, torn or moisture damaged if not packed properly. The Practical Art World website recommends starting by wrapping the canvas in glassine, a transparent and resilient glazed paper. This protects your print against moisture and prevents the wrapping from sticking to the surface. Artist Heather Cash had another tip as well. In a guide posted on her blog, Cash said one way to wrap the canvas is in clear plastic, often found in large rolls at office supply stores.

    Further protect the canvas from dings or dents by covering it from front to back in a layer of foam wrapping, or foamcore, available from most moving companies.

    Keep Layering

    Next, place the foam-wrapped artwork between two layers of cardboard that are longer and wider than the canvas. This will help you safeguard fragile corners. Bend the edges of the cardboard over the canvas and secure them with packing tape.

    “The cardboard should be slightly larger than the painting itself, so that if the corners are banged, the painting’s corners won’t be affected,” Cash said in this blog post.

    Next, wrap the cardboard in bubble wrap.

    “It’s important to sandwich the painting between cardboard before wrapping in bubble wrap,” Cash stated. “If you just wrap the painting in bubble wrap with nothing in between then if the paint softens during shipping due to warm temperature(s), the bubble wrap will cause indents in your painting.”

    A final step to take before boxing up your print is to wrap it again – this time with a layered brown paper. Treat it like you would a Christmas present. Cover the entire surface area and don’t use too much extra paper.

    Frame It

    An alternative to the above steps is to frame the canvas print with glass or acrylic, which adds an extra layer of protection from water damage and movement during shipping.

    Acrylic is lighter and more shatter resistant than glass, but if you use glass to frame your canvas, start by placing non-stick painters tape across the face of the glass in an over-lapping grid pattern. Painters tape sticks well to glass and is removed easier than other types of tape that can be used. If the glass breaks, it will stick to the tape instead of damaging the art.

    Once the glass has been properly taped, cover the framed artwork in bubble wrap with the bubbles facing outward.

    The Right Sized Box

    No matter how you decide to wrap up your canvas print, the final step to take is to box it up. Measure the wrapped canvas and choose a corrugated box that’s at least 6″ longer and wider. Fill the areas around the artwork with foam sheets or packing peanuts to ensure that it doesn’t move around, recommended online newsletter ARTTalk.

    For especially large or valuable pieces of artwork, you can hire a professional packing, crating and shipping company. They are trained to move precious cargo, so if you are worried about your canvas print not making it to its final destination unscathed, leave it to a trained professional.

    No matter how you choose to transport your canvas, using the right packing materials will go a long way to help ensure that it arrives safely at its destination.

    Contribution on behalf of Craters & Freighters, an industry leader in packaging & shipping around the world.


  • The harmonious arrangement of objects around your room, whether it’s sculpture or ceramic art—and the list can go on and on—can be the small details that collectively bring a room together and transform an otherwise dull space into an interesting one. But they are really more than just decorative pieces in a room. These artistic accents bring a sense of calm and comfort for those that choose to surround themselves with them, but even so, if you don’t finish off with walls of dramatic artwork or photography, the place will rarely feel finished. It’s only in the combination of all of these elements working together that you will find the sense of space that characterizes a room and becomes a sort of extension of the personality of the people who live in that home.

    wedding photo on canvas

    The art one collects may be reminders of a feeling or sensation or an extension of one’s personal likes or dislikes, but what holds true across it all is that it’s overwhelmingly positive and inspirational, in many ways, to help with one’s own creativity or provide  a space to keep calm. Art challenges us all by encouraging us to think creatively and stir our emotional cores, if not for the creation of more art then for the creative thinking we could bring into our daily lives. In many ways, our private home or office spaces become personal sanctuaries. They bring us closer to understanding cultural trends and historical movements that have been so influential in our own lives and upbringing. Beyond a word Personalised art makes it easy to buy the perfect personalized gift for any occasion.

    Floral red canvas printIt’s often something we take for granted, art displayed in the world around us; from coffee houses, to hotel rooms, to conference rooms to doctor’s offices, paintings designed to calm and soothe the mind, yet so many of us don’t make the effort to actively decorate our own homes with art pieces that evoke these positive and creative feelings in us. For many, decoration takes place at an unconscious level—picking up pieces along the way but never knowing the intent. A key improvement to our creative self has never been so easy. With so many places to find art—in yard sales, flea markets, galleries, online—it’s a wonder why we’ve waited so long to enrich ourselves, and our minds with such wonderful treasures. So next time you find yourself out, take a moment to look at the world around you, it’s colours, it’s character, and remember these scenes when you’re out shopping for new art. Does that vase evoke a feeling of calm or perhaps remind you of a foreign land? Does that painting remind you of your childhood or inspire you to be creative in your work? The art we choose are reflections of our personalities, our senses, and our experiences. It’s an important key understanding ourselves more deeply and honestly.

    Blue Horizon Canvas Prints is one of the largest online art galleries in Australia; with over 1000 unique canvas prints, this simple to navigate website has a piece of artwork for anyone’s taste.

  • Do you really want to update your personal space in your home or office with some unique and mesmerizing, high quality pieces of art? Perhaps you already have the perfect piece in mind but you’re not sure how large a piece you want to buy. Well, Blue Horizon Prints offers you several sizing options at affordable prices to suit your preferences and space dimensions. We offer stretched canvas prints in several different styles from square to panoramic to portrait and landscape as small as 8” x 8” inches to as large of 84” x 84.” And you can always contact us for custom sizes, so no matter how small or how large your space is, you’re sure to find the ideal piece.

    Blue Horizon Prints has one of the best collections of iconic and pop canvas print art you will find online. Plus, we also give you the option of creating great art by putting your favourite photos on canvas and even creating a collage of all of your favourite images. Just give us a call and one of our friendly customer service representatives will be happy to help you create your one of kind piece. So no matter which direction you go, you’re sure to find or create the perfect canvas art for your home or office.

    In addition to our several sizing options, Blue Horizon Prints offers a number of wrap options to make your canvas art the ideal piece for your personal space. Whether you prefer a black wrap, a gallery wrap or a blur wrap, all of our canvas prints are all printed using the finest UV resistant inks and the best quality 100% cotton canvas to guarantee your art stays looking fresh and vibrant for years. All of our canvas prints are stretched over a kiln dried timber frame and shipped ready to hang.

    With so many sizes and styles to choose from you won’t have any trouble finding that perfect size to fit any wall or space. Add a splash of colour and your unique personal taste to any room. Search our extensive gallery of iconic and popular art or design your one of kind piece with one of your favourite photos. Shipping is always free to Australia, England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, and we can always ship internationally at the lowest rates. Your satisfaction is guaranteed, so don’t delay, get started today and you’ll be enjoying your wonderful canvas art masterpiece in no time.

  • They make up a lot of the art pieces we’ve grown to recognize with ease. They’re in art history books, are sold on sidewalks as tack up posters, and can even be found on postcards and postage stamps – the master works of classical art. From Monet to Renoir to Van Gogh the master artists have each left a timeless impression on the landscape of human creativity and imagination. Blue Canvas Prints brings you the classical art prints collection in such vibrant colours and exquisite detail that you’ll believe the pieces came from museums themselves.

    All of our famous art prints are printed using the highest quality inks and on the highest grade of 100% cotton canvas to ensure that your masterwork is protected from discolouration or fading caused by sun or weather damage. Our aim is to make sure you enjoy your quality canvas prints for years to come. All of our prints come ready to mount and can be sized and oriented (portrait, landscape, panorama) to suit your particular needs and available space.

    Rest assured, your Monet prints, Renoir prints, or Van Gogh prints will be appreciated and admired by all who all see them. And with our canvas prints being so affordable, you can build your own personal museum of famous art prints to have in your home or office. We already have such a vast and worthy collection, but if you have another work you’d like to see printed and displayed as canvas art don’t hesitate to contact one of our customer service representatives to have your favourite piece customised for your wall.

    Classical art from the master painters are spread throughout several dozen museums across the entire world. Unless you’re a famed art historian with a bottomless pocket full of money, you are unlikely to see most of the classics outside of a book sitting on your coffee table. But if you order from Blue Horizon Prints you’ll enjoy high quality reproductions of any of your favourite works in no time. You won’t be disappointed, and you’re sure to love your canvas art so much you’ll likely come to us for more.

    Bring the world’s beautiful masterpieces to your home and office and start browsing our gallery today. In no time you’ll enjoy your favourite work as it hangs front and centre in your room, commanding the appreciation only classical works have earned.

  • There are so many things you can bring to a room to upgrade and give it a fresh feel. Some decide to bring in a new piece of furniture, some throw pillows and perhaps even a new lamp. But most rooms seem to transform into entirely new spaces when someone brings in a great new piece of wall art. Blue Horizon Prints has some of the best canvas prints Melbourne has to offer. And with so many art styles to choose from (movie art, pop art, classic art, and music art just to mention a few) you’re sure to find the perfect piece of high quality canvas art to make a statement about your personal sense of style and virtually change your room in an instant.

    On the flip side, however, it can be said that a piece of art can become such the focal point of a room that it might be necessary to change everything around it. Such is the case with some of our iconic pop art or with the bright vivid colours of contemporary and modern art. Many like to completely arrange their entire rooms around the pieces of art collections they have. For instance, movie rooms can be created around our collection of movie art, or music rooms created around our vintage music poster art. Whatever your style, we’re sure to have something that suits your taste.

    All of Blue Horizon’s prints are printed on high quality cotton canvas and coated with laminate that protects the print from discolouration or fading. You’ll be ensured that your print looks great for years on end. There are also so many different sizes and styles to choose from. You can select from landscape, portrait, panoramic among many more. You can customise your canvas art piece in any way you want. And if you have any ideas of your own, or have any photography you’d like to submit to print on canvas art, check out our customisation options and let us help design the work of art that is perfect for your personal space.

    Whatever direction you go in terms of decorating styles, and however you feel about how the room is affected by art or vice versa, know that pieces from Blue Horizon Prints is the best  art on canvas prints Melbourne can bring. Take advantage of Blue Horizon Print’s free shipping to anywhere in Australia and the United Kingdom. Blue Horizon’s quality of canvas prints are beyond compare. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

  • When your home has a bad case of the blahs, it’s not necessary to pack up your bags and move to a new house or apartment – you can pep up the place with canvas prints from Blue Horizon.  We offer a wide range of canvas prints to enliven your living space with the best in canvas wall art.  Regardless of whether you want to supply your own photos for your art, or take your pick from out wide selection, canvas prints Sydney is the place to shop.

    One of the brightest, freshest, and cheekiest artists today is Banksy.  His brilliant combination of the ordinary with the exceptional has made his guerilla stencil art famous worldwide.  Blue Horizon provides you with canvas prints representing the best of Banksy street art.  Putting a few of Bansky’s offbeat and topical prints on your wall will provide just the edge it needs.

    The world has changed since artists such as Andy Warhol appeared on the scene, and pop art has now taken its place next to the old masters in terms of popularity.  Perhaps it’s the simpler, less involved images that contribute to its attraction, or the bright colors – whatever the reason, pop art canvas prints will enliven the darkest corner of the home.  We have adapted the style of Warhol, Guevara, and Mono for your personalise canvas prints.  You, your family, and your pets can all be transported from a simple photograph to sensational art.  A pop art canvas collage of the whole family is one of the best gifts for dad that you can find.

    Those of us who experienced the 1960s and 1970s will never forget the psychedelic music and art that characterises this time period.  It was also one of the great times for poster art.  Blue Horizon Prints salutes this era with a full line of Rock Concert Posters  that will help bring those times back.  Just looking at a canvas art post of Jefferson Airplane will remind you of the soaring voice of Grace Slick and the excitement that accompanied every rock concert.   You need not be a ‘Golden Oldie’, however to appreciate the vibrant colors and beautiful designs of these posts, reproduced so faithfully by the artisans at Blue Horizon, today’s teens also love this art.

    If you prefer a more unstructured approach to revitalizing wall art, we offer you our Abstract & Contemporary Art collection.  This canvas wall art is all about colour and form.  Pieces such as Burning Night or Electric Waves let you imagine your own story behind the art, and the premium inks, archival canvas, and advanced printing methods will assure you that your print will remain as dynamic in 50 years as it does when you first hang it on your wall.

    Blue Horizon Prints makes it easy to order, too.  If you are using your own photographs for a pop art canvas collage, you need only follow the simple directions – choose your style, number of people, number of panels, upload your photograph(s), check your order, and head to checkout.  If you like, we will even choose your colours for you.  Within days, you’ll receive you canvas wall art, ready to be hung and add life and colour to your home.

  • Print your photo onto canvas

    Never has it been easier to print your photo onto canvas than it is today. Thanks to modern technology, the ability to print your photo onto canvas is rising in its ease and popularity while prices are lowering.

    One of the most exciting developments to spring from the digital age is the ability to expound upon standard photo printing options and now enjoy canvas publications of your greatest pieces. Canvas art is the term used to describe giclee prints which stretch the format print onto a deep canvas frame. If you are preparing your photos to convert them into a canvas print, you should ensure the highest resolution is set on your camera. You can then use photo shop software to save your photos as a large format such as 300 dpi. You can take this saved file and submit it to the printing company of your selection to enjoy the speciality art it becomes.

    There are many modern uses for canvas prints that you create from your personal photos. Whether by choice of the home owner or the interior decorator they are most popular for home décor thanks to the mass production and current availability in stores. The most popular aspect of canvas is not the easily integrated features for home use or the mass availability, but rather, the fact that personal photographs or drawings can be uploaded and directly order in large print form. It is a great alternative to framing personal artwork because the wood used for the frame is not visible, thereby not requiring any treatment or varnish, and there is no glazing.

    As one of many modern trends for the dynamic home interior design, a single photograph or personal drawing can now be turned into a myriad of differently sized canvas pieces, thus adding to the appeal and multi-faceted use in a home’s décor. Consequently, creating several pieces from a single photograph can turn one photo into a series which can be spread throughout the home, with single photos in each new location, or single photos along each wall.

    If you want something more unusual you can also have your photo transformed into Andy Warhol style pop art canvas prints. Simply select the desired style, canvas size and colours, submit an order then let experts such as Blue Horizon Prints do the rest, a proof is emailed for approval then when you are happy your pop art will be printed then delivered within a few days! Easy!

    No matter the reason why you print your photo onto canvas, you can enjoy the many tools offered by online photo editing sites and home photo editing software so that your photo is as flawless as you want before you finalise the canvas print. You can then select the size of the print you want and you are on your way to unique, contemporary artwork.