1. One of the many services we offer here at Blue Horizon Prints is a pop art creation service where we turn your photos into pop art. On this page http://www.bluehorizonprints.com.au/pop_art/select_style/ you can see that we offer 12 unique pop art styles, ranging from the popular traditional Andy Warhol styles, based on the original Marilyn Monroe creations in pastel shades to a more modern variant using brighter colours, Banksy graffiti print styles through to bright and ultra cool Retro art styles.

    Pop Art on Canvas. warhol style pop art

    Here are some recent examples of Pop Art we have created, this one features 4 subjects and is in the Mono style, the Mono style features a soft background colour scheme and normally grey and white figures.

    The nice soft blue colour scheme works well on this one. When we create a pop art piece for our customers we always provide we proofs in different colour scheme for our customers to choose their favourite, changes can then be made if required.


    your photo into pop art, photos on canvas


    This Pop Art canvas print design on the right is totally different to the one above and is in the classic Warhol Style.

    This style has pastel shades added to the faces of the subjects and is a bright and colourful opti0n if you are looking to add a splash of colour to your walls.The contemporary style is very popular with Andy Warhols distinct style not going out of fashion since he first created his works in the 60′s.

    This particular pop artwork was created as a set of two for a recent customer with one created for both of her sons.


    photo to pop art on canvas

    The 3rd of our showcased Pop Art creations, this one is in the Modern Warhol style, it has a bright coloured background with single colours used for each panel for example the orange panel on the top right handside also shows orange shading over the subjects face. This uniform colouring works well in creating a stylish pop art style.

    We will aim to showcase a few of our recent pop art creations every month so watch this space for ideas for transforming your photos into stunning personalised art. The next blog on pop art will in about 3 weeks, we’ll show some more examples of different styles.

  • Pop art is still popular, since its introduction decades ago, because it is so very bright and cheerful. The combination of simple areas of colour with contrasting hues or black and white images can create pop art canvas prints from your own photos. Blue Horizon Prints makes it fun and easy to turn your favorite photo into a work of art. A pop art canvas print can really brighten up a dark corner of a room or add a splash of cheek to a room done in a neutral colour scheme. Pop art prints are a great way to break out of an artistic rut.

    Probably the most influential figure in the pop art movement, Andy Warhol and his paintings are known worldwide, and now you can use your own photos for pop art canvases done in the Warhol style. Warhol pop art is famous for repeating images in varying fields of color, and your daughter, son, or even pet can be featured in canvas prints in this lighthearted style. Your images, either in black and white or color will be superimposed against a background of yellow, purple, blue, and red on archival canvas with the best quality Epsom inks. Lamination will make sure that your print is protected against dirt and dings, although the print should be kept out of direct sunlight.

    A tour through are different styles will show you that Guevara pop art prints are also available. While not an artist himself, Che Guevara’s image in stark black and white on primary colors also introduced a new theme element into the modern art scene. It’s easy to add a friendly countercultural touch to your home by portraying yourself, your family, or your dog or cat as a Guevara canvas print. You need only upload your photo, let the people at Blue Horizon Prints know exactly what you want, and they’ll do the rest. You can count on this firm’s professionalism to produce a crisp artistic statement.

    We all grew up looking at comic books, and this is an art style that has been impressed into all our psyches. It’s a fun and simplistic, but also realistic style that is perfect for producing Illustrated Pet prints. Whether you have a purebred dog or one of uncertain heritage, you’ll be pleased and proud when you see the treatment given to your print.

    Fans of Banksy will also find the style of their favorite street artist well represented at Blue Horizon. Your uploaded photo will be transposed against one of the favorite Bansky street scenes, such as a brick wall. Splashes of color, either on the wall itself, or on the subject, draw the eye into the canvas to bring a bit of the city into your home.

    We live in a fast-paced world and once we order something, we want to get it as quickly as possible. No problem here – your canvas print will be on its way to you within 3 days if you live in Australia, and regular shipping here is free. Those living in other UK countries also get free shipping.

  • The Pop Art Movement and our Culture.

    Pop art was born when art and commercialism fused together in order to satisfy the viable interests of the observer.  Although it got its start in the US and the United Kingdom, the Pop Art Movement dexterously influenced the mindset and mannerism of the world. The Pop Art movement was characterized by pictorial representations of familiar objects. Pop art was thriving with new metaphors and innovative ideas that made it more commercial and less abstract. Pop art was more of an economic and capitalist view of art, yet a very vibrant, germane and acceptable art form.

    Breaking the norms of tradition, Pop art changed the observer, as it was completely unique and didn’t bear much resemblance to the abstract expressionism, which was also celebrated around that period. The mixture of advertisements, caricature, and a splash of color, created a finished product that was a fresh new form of art. It also included artistic renderings of celebrities and music icons such as The Beatles and Elvis Presley Pop Art. This was something that people enjoyed. It wasn’t completely lofty, and was light enough that the senses could easily digest it. It easily found its way in a period, which was dominated by stronger art forms. The world was thus ready to witness a change.

    Pop Art became renowned in the 1950’s and 1960’s. This was post World War II, a period when Europe and other parts of the world were emerging from the past economic crisis. This period denoted progress economically and socially, and because of the colossal economic growth and development, the future had great prospects for Pop Art as well as its other counterparts. Because of this, Pop Art was mainly influenced by the American culture. People’s feelings, everyday events, and humdrum objects were depicted in these paintings.

    American pop artist Roy Lichtenstein’s “In The Car”, is a perfect example of Pop Art. Some of Roy’s work is based upon comic strips and comic books. In the car has the same comic strip flavor at its core, but it still bears a lot of substance, as does his other painting “Kiss II”. This painting keenly describes amorous feelings and was a huge success. The painting sold for nearly six million dollars. This painting and many others like it were well established due to their ability to grab hold of the imagination through picturesque figures and imaginative interpretations.

    Our culture embraced pop art, as it was pertinent and easy to produce. It had a mass appeal and could be easily understood by everyone, though few critics also panned it down. Regardless, it still has a venerated place in the hearts of many. Most renderings are low in cost, and provide a velvety and lustrous edition to their homes. Pop art does deliver the message but without the spark. It may not be ethereal like the abstract art, but it is more defined, alluring, and chic, giving itself the name it deserves, pop!

  • Do you have beautiful photos that you would love to have turned into decorative pieces of art?  Pop art created from your own personal photos has become all the craze over the past couple of years.  There are some excellent ways that you can use those photos that you have lying around the house.

    First of all, consider the Warhol style pop art.  Andy Warhol created some stunning artwork.  The primary focus of most of his pieces is a headshot.  Keep this in mind as you look for photos for this type of pop art.  Colour and contrast are two things that come to mind when you think of Andy Warhol’s work.  If you are looking for the perfect piece of artwork to liven up a room, then this is definitely something to consider.

    Next, you may want to consider turning some of your photos into beautiful portraits printed on canvas.  If Warhol style paintings are not what you have in mind, you could consider something a bit less dramatic.  Instead of just letting those great pictures sit in a box or a photo album, why not have them enlarged on canvas so that you can enjoy them in your home?  You can get canvas prints in various different sizes that will suit any room.

    You could also consider predesigned art work if you don’t really have any pictures that you want to have turned into pop art or printed on canvas.  There are so many different pieces to choose from.  No matter what type of art you prefer, you are sure to find something that will suit your style perfectly.

  • A picture is worth a thousand words but for those that really want to turn their favorite images into something special, the option of transforming your photos into pop art gives you the chance to capture memories in a unique way, whether as a timeless piece of artwork for your home or as a unique gift to that special someone.

    The Benefits of Custom Pop Art Photos

    Have you always loved the look and feel of Warhol style portraits? By ordering your very own personalised art in this style, you wont have to worry about going out to the store and spending money on something other people already have. This option gives you the ability to be unique and not only do something creative but make it truly your own by using your favorite pictures from your wedding, anniversary, birthday party, etc.

    Printed on 100% cotton canvas, your art piece will stand the test of time, unlike traditional photos, which can become prone to yellowing and curling at the edges. Even digital images saved on a person computer or hard drive has the ability to fall prey to being deleted, lost or destroyed if anything happens to the equipment.

    Imagine how popular your custom pop art piece will be with friends and family each time they come to your home for a visit or get together. In addition to the numerous compliments you are bound to receive, chances are you will be bombarded with questions as to how your family and friends can order their own copies.

    Ordering & Customization is Easy

    Getting your own pop art canvas prints is convenient, easy and fast because the entire process takes place online. Simply select the shape and size you want to have your photo printed in. Whether you want a smaller canvas (12×12 for square shaped or 12×12 for rectangle shaped) or have a larger wall to decorate and want a properly sized canvas to fill the space (41 x 41 for square shaped or 40 x 54 for rectangle shaped), you are bound to find just the right type for your needs. Next, upload your image, add any special instructions and provide your basic information that’s it! Now all you have to do is wait for your canvas to arrive at your doorstep.

    Blue Horizon Printing, 1300 632 332, photos@bluehorizonprints.com.au

  • Marilyn Monroe Warhol Pop Art quad

    Marilyn Monroe Warhol Pop Art quad

    Our Andy Warhol style Pop Art is going from strength to strength, in case you havent already used Blue Horizon printing to transform your photos into personalised Pop art works of art then here’s a little bit about what we do:

    We offer a boutique but cheap (compared to many others) Pop Art creation service where we customise your photo and make it into a Warhol portrait like the Marilyn Monroe art on this blog.

    Our custom made service caters for everyone and offers great value for money as the canvas prints we offer are the best quality available but our prices are low.

    We offer the prices we do becasue we are experts at creating Pop Art and it takes us less time to achive a better result than some of the other companies. We create premium quality pop art such as the famous Audrey hepburn warhol in lees time tha the competition and have 100% customer satisfaction.

    Here is some feedback on out Warhol Pop Art service:

    H Gary,
    Re. Andy Warhol style print.
    The print arrived this morning perfectly on time as promised. It looks fantastic and is the exact result my daughter wanted.
    Many thanks for your friendly and efficient service, We will definately use Blue Horizon again.
    Tania, June 2010
    Gary, thanks again for all of your help in getting us the Andy warhol print so fast, it looks absolutely amazing on the wall, we love it! All of your feedback so useful it was a total pleasure to deal with you.
    Many thanks
    Bernadette Fellows, May 2010
    Dear Blue Horizon Printing
    The canvas print arrived today, as we expected it looks great, the warhol style we eventually settled on is perfect and everyone mentions it when they come by the house. Thanks for all your help.
    Kieren Bird, April 2010
    Hi gary
    The Pop art is so nice, i cant believe how nicely it came out, thanks for walking me through the process.
    I will definitely use you for more canvas prints soon.
    bella, May 2010
    Gary, I wanted to drop you an email top contragulate you on having such an easy and top quality service. your website was so easy to order the warhol portrait from that we werer amazed, we were half expecting to have loads of problems but the website walked us through every step of the way. The final result is everything we wanted.
    Thanks again.
    John Matherson, June 2010
    Finally we managed to find a local company that can create the Andy Warhol canvas we wanted! yippee! It looks fantastic, thanks for your help Gary.
    Kathy Milton, April 2010
  • Pop Art is the movement in art when artists began to create art with the subject of things that are the iconic in nature such as famous people, advertising, and movies. The British and the American people were responsible for launching this type of art in the late 1950′s to 1960′s. In art history, art movements are usually attached to time periods. It is the most recent form of artistic movements next to postmodernism. Abstract expressionism precedes pop art. An offshoot of pop art is a type of art known as “Lowbrow”. It was started in the 70′s in California, USA and is often termed “pop surrealism”.


    Roy Lichtenstein Whaam

    Roy Lichtenstein Whaam

    One of the most notable pop artists was the artist Andy Warhol (1928-1987), real name Andrew Warhola is known in particular for his Marilyn Monroe portraits and his paintings of a Campbell’s soup can. The Andy Warhol Marilyn Monroe style has forged a new wave of warhol style pop art with many companies offering a service transforming photos into Warhol Andy Pop art. How much closer can you get to the pop culture of the 60′s than a can of soup? Warhol is noted to have mingled with many different subculture circles and these social circles must have had some influence on how and why he created the art that was famous for.

    Another notable pop artist was Roy Lichtenstein (1923-1997). Lichtenstein loved doing abstract expressionism but later was drawn to pop art in the 60′s. He created art using comic strips as the subject. He also was known for creating pop art style reproductions of master painters like Monet. Personally, I always like to see someone play with a master’s artwork. What better exercise could an artist receive? http://www.bluehorizonprints.com.au/wall-art-online

    In 1962 the world’s first public exhibit of pop art was shown at the Pasadena Art Museum. The works included artists Jim Dine, Roy Lichtenstein, Andy Warhol, Robert Dowd, Phillip Hefferton, Joe Goode, Edward Ruscha, and Wayne Thiebaud.

    Some books of interest:

    Pop Art (Taschen 25th Anniversary)
    by Tilman Osterwold

    Pop Art (Movements in Modern Art)
    by David McCarthyby Tilman Osterwold Illustrated

    Andy Warhol: Giant Size
    by Editors of Phaidon Press, Steven Bluttal, and Dave Hickey

    Roy Lichtenstein: Beginning to End
    by Fundacion Juan March, Juan Antonio Ramirez, Ruth Fine, and Avis Berman

    Sources: Wikipedia, Encyclopedia Britannica, Amazon.com

    Article brought to you by Blue Horizon Printing.com.au. Your home of quality Andy Warhol art. Canvas prints for sale in a wide variety of styles from Pop Art to Monet Prints. Andy Warhol style pop art Melbourne, Pop art Brisbane. Potts Point, Blue Mountains Pop Art, Mosman Photo Canvas Prints. Rushcutters Bay, Elizabeth Bay Pop art.

  • Maralyn quadThis article will cover a range of topics relating to Andy Warhol and his art style, these will include who he was, what he did, how to photograph a good shot that will make a good Warhol portrait right through to how to locate a company to transform your photo into a quality Warhol style Pop art canvas.

    Andy Warhol (real name Andrew Warhola)was born in1928 in the US, he was a painter, film maker and printmaker. Warhol as a pioneer of the visual art movement and partially created a style of art called Pop art. Pop art was an art movement that became famous in the mid to late 1950′s, it challenged traditional thought by using mass produced commodities of popular culture removed from their context and often in isolation and asserted these creations as art.

    Some of his more famous artworks used products from everyday life or advertising campaigns at the time, most famously seen in the Campbells Soup cans, he also experimented with portraits of celebrities at the time such as Marilyn Monroe , Liz Taylor and Mick Jaggar. These portraits were often an experiment with context and colour and the popularity of these portrait styles has recently seen a big come back as technology that is readily available on most PCs allows people with little or no graphic design training to recreate portraits with similar results.

    There are a number of characteristics that can be seen when Andy Warhol created these popular portraits and it is worth bearing these trends in mind when looking for suitable images to be used for Andy Warhol style art. They are as follows:

    • The subject fills most of the space.
    • The head and a portion of the shoulders were mainly used.
    • There was usually a good contrast between the colour of the hair and the background, i.e. if if the hair is light coloured then the background is dark or if the hair is dark coloured then the background is light.
    • The portraits usually had the hair back exposing the neck
    • The lighting was often from above and from the side creating some shadows and depth
    • There was often extra decorative detail such as earrings

    andy warhol campbell soup canSourcing a company that has expertise in creating Andy Warhol art prints is also very important. Though the technology is available on popular software such Photoshop there is a lot of work involved in creating a professional looking portrait that resembles the originals. Many companies offering Warhol portraits will take short cuts and the final result is often less than satisfactory. When sourcing a company to create the artwork and canvas print you should expect to see a proof of the portrait before the printing and stretching begins. A reputable company will often allow changes to be made to the artwork in terms of colours and other details.

    There are a number of modern interpretations of the Andy Warhol style that are also worth experimenting with, before submitting your image to the printer of your choice it is often worth going to Google images and researching the various styles and colours available. The traditional colour scheme used in the Marilyn Monroe is generally softer pastel shades whereas a brighter more neon colour choice often creates a good modern version of the traditional style. Ask your canvas printing company what other styles are available and they should be able to take the time to discuss some other options.

    About your author

    Gary Klungreseth is the owner operator of Blue Horizon Canvas Prints, based in Sydney’s Eastern suburbs they print photos on canvas and sell canvas prints. In addition to selling premade canvas prints they also offer a custom art creation service creating art to specifications including Pop Art such as Andy Warhol Portraits.

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